Local riding stables raided, horses endangered: can you help?


Stevie Ansell’s riding stables do a huge amount of good work. Can we help catch the people that raided it? Image from the stables Facebook page.

Hey folks – this is really, really important, and I’d like readers and social media folk to spread this post far and wide. You will all know that Stevie Ansell and her riding school in Brownhills have been good pals of the blog, with whom we’ve had an honest and good relationship over the years – well now, they need our help.

It seems that last night (Monday 8th June 2015), the riding stables site was broken into, and the theft of their vehicle attempted; but not just that, the raiders propped open gates to let the horses escape.

Stevie posted the following message on Facebook:


Tonight not only have thieves gone into yard and tried to steal our jeep, but they have broken and opened all locks on fields and paddocks and wedged them open. Not just one lock but at least 4! One paddock in particular being a safe night enclosure for mares and foals.

Cameras are being checked as we speak but I’m offering a reward for information leading to the identification of such scumbags!

I’m sure even other thieves out there would hold back at putting innocent animals and public at risk. Anybody’s relatives are at risk when horses are on road and new born foals running with a large herd is not a good thing!!

One of our own girls got kicked when out helping on rescue mission…

Let’s make the community a better place – if we all work together, somebody somewhere must know something or have seen something?

All information will be kept confidential.

Tel or text :- 07950-314091
E-Mail:- stevieansell@hotmail.com

Or message on Facebook.

Many thanks all 😀 Together we can beat such scum!

Stevie Ansell

Stevie and the stables do a huge amount of great work, and it’s terrible that anyone would put that in jeopardy. I’d also note that as Stevie points out, loose horses could create a greater tragedy.

Please come forward with any information you have. If you don’t want to contact Stevie of the police directly, drop me a line on BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com and I’ll pass the message on.

You can also contact Walsall Police by dialling 101 (999 in an emergency, obviously) or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

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6 Responses to Local riding stables raided, horses endangered: can you help?

  1. Additional request from Stevie:

    Thankyou Bob. Honestly every time we are just keeping our heads above water the low lives strike… Thankfully everybody and all livestock are safe today… But it could have been a different story….
    Not sure if any of your readers have any thief proof chain hanging around ? I’m looking to spend money on thief proof chain and locks… Have already had good stiles built to assist walkers so there is no need to cut fences etc… And we all know the responsible would never do this anyway frown emoticon
    Thanks again Bob 😀

  2. Claire says:

    Do you have pics of the missing horses so we can keep our eyes open as there are some just tied on grass verges etc. How people can be so cruel is beyond me, just hope they all get home safe and quickly.

  3. Michele says:

    Does anyone live on the site? might be worth considering together with a large dog or dogs. Good luck, hope the horses are okay.

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