An Urban Fox Hunt (Via The Reremouse)

This post is important, and was wholly written by Walsall Council Senior Wildlife Ranger Morgan Bowers (The Reremouse). This is an issue of huge concern to me, and I repeat the post here as I think it will be a worry to all of us.

Please keep a look out – people tooling around nature reserves with guns shooting wildlife is horrifying. If you know anything, please do get in touch.

You can see the original post here on Morgan’s blog.

Morgan wrote:


I am heartbroken and really angry, so forgive me for the graphic photographs, but I’m not going to pull any punches on this one. Someone was seen last week shooting foxes at Fibbersley Local Nature Reserve in Willenhall. I only found out this morning when a resident saw me litter picking with the Friends of Fibbersley and told us about it, and where to find the dead foxes. The police were called at the time, and I spoke to them today, and they are very concerned. Alas, there is very little they can do unless they catch the man in the act. Not only is this a wildlife crime, but it is also a firearms offence, so I’d like to ask the residents of Walsall to please be vigilant if you are on site and see something suspicious and report it to the police if you think a crime is in progress (do NOT under any circumstances approach anyone), and if you know anything about this or any other wildlife crime, please don’t keep it to yourself.

It also should be stressed that this means that someone is walking around nature reserves at night with a loaded firearm, so if you are on site at night, please don’t go alone, and please use caution.  I can’t imagine what type of monster would do this (many of the foxes were cubs), but this is the second incident of this type this week.

Believe it or not, it isn’t actually illegal to shoot foxes, but it IS illegal to carry a firearm in a public place, and to shoot in a public place, so a crime has been committed either way. You can get more information on wildlife crime at the National Wildlife Crime Unit and about foxes specifically at the National Fox Welfare Society.

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