It’s a special occasion – get on your Sunday best!


A whole bunch of kids in Sunday best, for a Sunday School anniversary in 1948. Image kindly supplied by David Evans.

A couple of great images reach me from top blog contributor the young David Evans, and reader Maria Fitzgerald – both are of kids in their Sunday best clothes in celebration.

David Evans is always on the lookout for good photos, and recently happened upon the one above, taken in 1948 and included in a booklet celebrating the Ebenezer Church School Annivesary.

We’ve done lots of stuff on the Ebenezer Methodist Church in Walsall Wood before, and I think there may be more yet to come!

David wrote:

Hello Bob

I’ve found this wonderful picture on my travels!

Walsall Wood kids on the block, 1948, Ebenezer Methodist Church Sunday School Anniversary.

The preacher is a Mr Halfpenny, and the choirmaster, standing at the side, is Mr Abe Walker, and the gentleman looking on is Mr Frank Higgs, who owned the newagents shop opposite St Johns Junior School in Lichfield Road. Not shown in the photo is Mr Jack Clayton, who was the organist.

In 1951 a new church organ replaced this one, and the 1951 celebration booklet which contained the history of the church and many photos was published.


Facebook group member Maria Fitzgerald also very generously supplied the excellent photo below of the Maypole Dance that went on at Ogley Hay School, and continued as a tradition for some years.

Hi Bob

I think I might have the hang of the photos!

That’s myself closest to the teacher, taken in Ogley Hay Infants about 1967/68. Can any of your friends remember Maypole dancing?


My thanks to David and Maria generosity. Always appreciated.

If you have anything to add, please do. Comment here, or write to me: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com.


A wonderful Mayday celebration picture from Ogley Hay Infants School in the late 1960s, very kindly donated by Maria Fitzgerald. Who is the stern-looking teacher, and does anyone recognise the kids?

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6 Responses to It’s a special occasion – get on your Sunday best!

  1. Lynn Gamble says:

    I think the teacher is Mrs Cross, and Maria is holding hands with Andrew Parker. The girl behind may be Linda Read – who was May Queen, and I (Lynn Wright then) am looking back. I think the other boy is Jonathan Guest.

  2. Ann Cross says:

    Many thanks to David for this picture and for dating it as 1948. I have a slightly larger version which shows the choir on the right and also the organist on the left, presumably Mr Clayton. The photographer was Fred Parsons of 45 Mill Street Cannock. I will forward it to Bob. Oh and thats me bottom right!!

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