Come on a historical Lichfield pub crawl – tonight!


Lichfield: it’s full of historical stories and hidden surprises. Why not explore them for free with Lichfield Discovered?

Kate Cardigan from the wonderful Lichfield Lore has asked if I could let readers know about her historical pub crawl of Lichfield, taking place tonight at 7:00pm, 11th August 2014. The walk meets in the Market Square outside St. Mary’s, and is free to participants.

This is yet another great offbeat historical event from Kate’s Lichfield local history group, Lichfield Discovered. Madam Cardigan has organised some great talks and events in 2014 which have involved some excellent folk, like Dave Moore, late of this parish, Sandfields Pumping Station expert and campaigner.

Remember, these meetings are free (but donations are welcome!) What’s not to love?

Kate asked:

Hi Bob

Sorry this is ridiculously late but if there is a chance you could pop this on the blog about our ‘Lost Pubs of Lichfield’ walk.

Will totally understand if too shirt notice, know you’re busy.

On Monday 11th August we’re doing a pub crawl with a difference!

John Gallagher will be taking us on a tour of the pubs of Lichfield where time has most definitely been called at the bar.

However, as we’ll have walked up a bit of a thirst, you’ll be pleased to know that our last old pub of the evening will be The Earl of Lichfield – The Drum, – still very much open for business!

We’re meeting at 7pm outside St Mary’s in the Market Square and everyone is welcome of course.

People can keep in touch with what’s going on via our blog, by following us on twitter (@lichdiscovered) and we’re on Facebook as Lichfield Discovered.

Cheers & thanks, Kate

These events are increasing in popularity, and I can see why; this is a collection of dedicated but offbeat local history enthusiasts who really know how to make their subject engaging and entertaining. And it’s absolutely free to attend. What’s not to love?

Please do attend, it’ll be great fun!


Kate’s recent Leomansley walk was well attended and appreciated by all, although I’m not sure if the dog was impressed or not. Image from Lichfield Discovered.

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  1. Pedro says:

    Talking of historical pub crawls…is the “Batham’s Eight” still able to be walked?!

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