Masters of their craft

Lucy Wood – crafter extraordinaire, talented DJ and friend of the blog emails me from Lichfield Scrap Barn shop at Chasewater Innovation Centre to let me know what’s been happening up there recently. Lucy is just one of the many folk working their row out to make this wonderful, Chasewater-based community enterprise the success it is.

If you haven’t popped in yet, do check out their store at Chasewater; this brilliant project takes clean business waste – everything from wooden crates to fabric offcuts – and uses them to make great crafting materials for the general public to browse and buy.

It really is an Aladdin’s Cave.

This is a fine project backed by the remarkable and wonderful Saxon Hill School in Lichfield, and I’m proud to support it, too. In the seemingly harsh and uncaring world we currently inhabit, it’s nice to see that these excellent people still give a damn.



Local Art and  crafts centre, The Lichfield Scrap Barn received the honour of hosting the National Scrapstores Conference  just a year after opening its doors to the public, The National conference is held annually by Scrapstores UK and is an opportunity for all stores to share information, expertise  and make killer deals via ‘swaps’ with other trading units.


Friday the 1st of November saw around 70 delegates descended on Chasewater Park, Brownhills to attend the annual conference of Scrapstores UK the governing body for all the operating stores in the UK. 

The Lichfield Scrap Barn were honoured to host such an event which marks a fantastic year for the business which that has seen them grow from a small porta cabin in the grounds of Saxon Hill School to a facility    local disabled people volunteering, work, training and social outlets.

As a fairly new establishment, we are so proud to show off our achievements, it just shows that with passion for a cause what can be accomplished with hard work,  said Marketing and PR Manager, Lucy Wood, ‘this is the start of an exciting new era for us with a new team at the helm and fresh ideas all with passion, drive and enthusiasm to make the barn a success that the community relies on’.


The Scrap Barn has a new fantastic range of volunteering opportunities from Stock Assistants who we require to help collect, monitor and check stock, to places on our Crafty Collective helping to create inspirations for customers of things to make, we will give you a crate of materials and you can craft for us at home.

The Scrap Barn are looking to forge relationships with local haulage firms who to fulfil ad-hoc stock collection requirements.

If you fancy getting involved with this exciting, friendly and innovative community minded company contact us today!

If you would like to find more about the work of Lichfield Scrap Barn, how to support us, or view our range of Volunteer options  please visit, or call 01543 371 200. You can also find us on Facebook.

If you would like to find out how we can help you dispose of your clean business waste please contact and talk to us.

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  1. Warren Parry says:

    Good luck to a good cause, i will pass word around.

  2. Mandy willetts says:

    Can you send me the post code for unit 7 chase wetter barn

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