Is this your ferret?

Hi folks – I spotted on Facebook that a clearly mislaid, meandering mustelid has been found in the Whitehorse Road area of Brownhills. Here’s the details, as posted by Dale Preece-Kelly on Facebook:


I like ferrets, on the whole, but they seem a bit… bitey. Image from Dale Preece-Kelly and posted on Facebook.


This guy was found today in Brownhills. I went to pick her up this evening. She is now with Chase Ferret Rescue, but she has been well loved so somebody must be missing her.

It’s got gill polecat markings, around 8-12 weeks old and has been well cared for. I picked her up from the finder this evening and dropped her at Chase Ferret Rescue.

She’s gorgeous. Given where she was found (by Chasewater) she could have been missing for a few weeks from a home in Brownhills, Chasetown or Norton Canes areas. Someone has to be missing this girl – please share in all of these areas if possible. Thanks.

If this is your wee ferret, please get in touch via the Rescue Centre’s Facebook page, contact them on or speak to Angela on 07967192120.


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