Photographic memory

I note that over on Panoramio, Brownhills George is continuing his patient work, assembling a great collection of historic Brownhills images. I thought is was about time I featured the latest ones here, as they’re absolutely remarkable, and haven’t got many views yet.

George also includes fascinating comments with each picture.

Of particular interest to me are the long shots of Brownhills High Street – taken very early, or on a Sunday, featuring some remarkable lost names (‘The Golden Grill’ – Brownhills attempt at an American Diner in the 1980s), Ravens Court looking prosperous and that glorious shot from Humpries House, which is a noble and fine reply to my request for images of Brownhills from odd angles.

Click on any image to see a larger version over on Panoramio. You can visit his whole gallery too, if you like.

Thanks to George for sharing a remarkable and invaluable collection.

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5 Responses to Photographic memory

  1. Clive says:

    You have some great photos Brownhills George.

  2. kathy bull nee [cooper] says:

    i grew up in the avenues 1955 till 1970 then 81 moved to cornwall do you have any of the avenues please .

  3. maria fitzgerald says:

    hi, love the old photos of Brownhills i grew up in 1st avenue, now living in county cork, would you have any old photos of Silver Street,my parents first house was in Silver Street the very last one, now which the church now stands on. Keep up the good work love it. Maria Fitzgerald ( carpenter).

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