Woodmen of old

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Walsall Wood Football Club – possibly 1932, according to Clive.
Left to right, back row: C. Sivorn, F. Haywood, H. Greenfield, H. Rhead, C. Smith, H. Wood (Captain).
Front row: F. Waltho, J. Cooper, T. Craddock, F. Knight, G. Williamson.

Here’s an interesting one for a Sunday. I don’t know where he found it, as he does’t say. But top local history wonk Clive Roberts has found this great image of Walsall Wood Football Club’s lineup – he thinks from 1932, but seems more likely 1935/6 to me.

This fits nicely with recent explorations of the club history – more to come on that subject soon.

There’s a caption also supplied with the image that says:

Number 55

Walsall Wood Football Club

Formed in 1924/25 this club plays in the Walsall and District Amateur League. Winners of the Rugeley Charity Cup 1935/36 and also finalists in the Express and Star Cup.

Thanks to Clive for that – in light of the team’s recent successes, it’s nice to know there’s a winning tradition at our favourite local club. Don’t forget also that Clive’s book, ‘Snippets of Local History in and around Shire Oak’ is still available, but get your copy while you still can!

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18 Responses to Woodmen of old

  1. Pedrp says:

    The Archives contain the Lichfield Mercury for 1935 and 1933, with many reports on the games. I searched for Sivorn and he is mentioned several times in both years.

    Regards Pedro

  2. David Evans says:

    HI Bob
    I think Gunn and Sivorn were local builders. They had a yard near the Wheel Inn at one time..perhaps the same Sivorn?

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  17. David Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    Sivorn..family lived in Spring Road Shelfield in 1911 census..coal mining family
    and a Sivorn family living near the Vigo in Salters Road, Walsall Wood…1911 census
    kind regards

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