What and where?

Here’s a good question from young David Evans. He clocked this interesting thing yesterday while out and about, and wonders if anyone knows what it is, what purpose it serves, and how it is employed? Bonus points to those actually knowing the location of this item..

He’d also like to know if there are any others locally?

Thanks to David for a really good question for a lazy Sunday. This object kind of lies at the heart of what the blog does, and we’ve never really talked about it. I think it’s about time we did…

Comment here, please, or BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Get searching.


An important thing indeed. But what is it for, and how was it used? Image supplied by David Evans.

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8 Responses to What and where?

  1. kate Goodall says:

    benchmark isn’t it?

  2. Pedrp says:

    Well, I have had my photo taken standing by at least a hundred of these!

    Regards Pedro

  3. Caz says:

    Well i cheated Bob, i googled it and it and up popped the bench mark database, flush bracket Lichfield Library.i must admit i’d never noticed one before.i will loook for them in future.

  4. Yup sure is a surveying benchmark used for elevation refs , use to be marked up on OS maps, some still are but many not 🙁

  5. Pedro says:

    I believe that I have been telling porkies, as the one in the picture is a “Non-Pillar Flush Bracket (NPFB)

    Are there any more? “Well each Flush Bracket is approximately 1 mile from another.”


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  7. Andy Dennis says:

    Others locally at Brownhills Bridge, URM and Shire Oak. See http://www.bench-marks.org.uk/bm18994, click on each for details.

    They tend to be on buildings with substantial foundations as these are less likely to move. There is a BM at the foot of the tower on Walsall Council House, Tower Street side.

  8. kate Goodall says:

    I’ve never noticed that Andy. Mind you, its best not to stand still in that spot for too long, or you may get the peregrines’ left-overs dropping on your head!

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