Going back

This is a quick post to draw more attention to the rapidly growing, weird and wonderful Panoramio gallery being created by Brownhills George. Since I last featured George’s work here, he’s added loads more stuff, and it’s breathtaking.

George has images I thought didn’t exist, or were lost; The Station Hotel; Jasmine Cottage from the canal in colour; The interior of the Old Anchor Inn; Plumbers Paradise (the old Coffee Shop); Riley’s Store; The Wheel Inn, in better times.

The collection of the foundry where Chandlers Keep stood alone is incredible, and George has added even more images since I first pointed the gallery out.

There are so many local history discussions I want to base upon these images, and I planned to kick one off tonight, but I just haven’t had time. Please, for now, click on any of the image thumbnails to visit George’s gallery and browse. Anyone living in Brownhills for more than a few years will be instantly transported back in time.

I cannot express my thanks to Brownhills George enough; this is a veritable treasury, and the popularity of his gallery at such a young stage is indicative of the importance of these images.


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3 Responses to Going back

  1. Clive says:

    Great photos George, thank you.

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  3. Chelsea says:

    I loved looking at these. Bought back so many memories. I’m proud to live in Brownhills.

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