The class of 64?

pete school days

An old newspaper clipping sent in by reader Pete Leek, with a surprisingly good quality photo. Do you know any of these bright young faces of 1964?

This is another quick one. Reader Pete Leek has sent me the above newspaper clipping of a prize giving at Brownhills Central Boy’s School around 1964. I note the keen, fresh faces and dapper dress. I think readers who’ve previously waxed long on the subject of the school in question, like Dave Cresswell, may recognise some of the lads here.

Pete said:

Hi Bob,

Here is my photo from Brownhills Central School taken around 1964, I was a first year pupil then and I think this may have been a welcome assembly. Hope you’ll be able to use this.

Pete Leek

Peter, you’re welcome. Anything further you’d like to tell us would be most welcome; meanwhile, if anyone has anything to add, please comment here or BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Cheers.

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5 Responses to The class of 64?

  1. Clive says:

    These lads are in the same age group as myself, although i went to streets corner school and then shire oak school i would`nt be suprised if i know some of them!
    Thanks for the photo Peter.

  2. Peter Leek says:

    No probs Clive I can still remember quite a few on there even tho its been such a long time lol

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  4. Anthony Brevitt says:

    i went to Brownhills central boy’s school i left in 1963 i was there for about 5 years and i was 15 when i left

  5. Stephen Capewell says:

    I think this was the 1965 prize giving. I am sitting in the second row and I can recognize some of the lads sitting by me. The photograph, I think, was taken at the Memorial hall in Brownhills.

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