Local history event next Saturday!

Thanks to blog readers Naomi Jones and David Evans, I can flag up this interesting looking slideshow and talk from respected and knowledgable local historian Bill Mayo. Bill, as I’m sure you’re all well aware, compiled several local history books with his wife Clarice, as well as with other local historians John Sale and Geoff Harrington.

Among the books, these works remain the best collections of old pictures for our area – Memories of Old Brownhills, Memories of Old Walsall Wood and Memories of Brownhills Past. Bill and Clarice have spent years collecting old images and ephemera from the area, and are well loved and respected for their knowledge and eagerness to share their expertise.

If you’re interested in Brownhills and Walsall Wood history, this is a must-see event. And it’s free. What a lovely thing!

Cheers to Bill for his generosity.

Why not print out this flyer and post it somewhere prominent?

Saturday 9th February 2013

“Around And About Brownhills”

A Slideshow presentation by


2pm at Brownhills Library in the Parkview Centre

For Free Reservation Call:

01922 650730 or speak to a member of staff

Brownhills Library, The Parkview Centre, Chester Road North

Brownhills, Walsall

WS8  7JB

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