A sunny afternoon – pictures from the Walsall Bandstand Marathon

Well, it was a nice day, and bikes were welcome, so I toddled along to the Bandstand Marathon in Walsall Arboretum. I can honestly say it was a cracking event. The restored Arboretum basked in the autumn sunshine, and Walsall, in all it’s diversity, came out to enjoy an afternoon of music and fun. This was a fine thing, well organised, and I had a thoroughly good time.

I hope this is the start of something, and that future events can happen here – the acoustics are great, the bandstand superb – even the catering was excellent. But the one thing that shone most of all, was the character and humour of the borough.

Aiden McHaffie, top local chap and partner of top local blogger Linda Mason, has written a great account of the afternoon.

Well done to all concerned.

Tony Barrett and friends had everyone laughing…

We’re going to need a bigger mantlepiece.

Fusion act Aziz were brilliant. Really, really brilliant. So good, I bought the album when I got home.

Find out about Aziz Ibrahim – and his remarkable album, Rusholme Rock – at his website. He may be from Manchester, but his music is pure Walsall.

Aziz had everyone grooving, old or young.

Some, however, remained composed.

It was a day for all ages and styles. From the dapper…

…To the daft.

Some folk brought their friends.

Local band Arbor Lights came to rock (That’s WV11’s James D. Clarke on drums).

James D. Clarke and his partner Steph Jennings run a fantastic local site for Wednesfield – WV11

Most importantly of all, Walsall came together, for a wonderful afternoon of fun, music and entertainment in the sunshine.

Finally, a Brownhills connection. Folk of a certain age will remember a teacher called Dave Calcutt. He taught locally in the late 70s/early 80s. That’s him in the blue shirt.

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21 Responses to A sunny afternoon – pictures from the Walsall Bandstand Marathon

  1. kate Goodall says:

    Glad you enjoyed it. I loved being part of it and seeing not only the gorgeous bandstand but other parts of the Arbo being used and loved. Really chuffed that Jackie and Jo of the Arbo Users Group had an estimated 2000 people up at their end throughout the day.

  2. Glen Buglass says:

    Nice one. I’m glad you picked out Aziz from the Marathon. Aziz and Dal are so good. We will have them again early next year at Bookmark Bloxwich, the old Library Theatre on Elmore Row. Thanks for mentioning Walsall’s unique sense of humour. Just one of the things that makes the place special!

  3. David Evans says:

    HI Bob
    thanks for the super photos. I am still smiling at the deep-see diver..and the Aziz music is glorious! Thanks for the video link. The bandstand is looking pretty good! I bet the rest of the music was Olympic quality, too. Well done to everyone involved!

  4. Pedro says:

    For one fleeting moment I thought I saw a reincarnation of William Roberts in his summer attire!

  5. Nick Elliott. says:

    Wow…looks fab…Thanks for making an ex pat happy too..!

  6. We went along, caught a bit of Aziz, which I thought was interesting, went along to the playground, great fun. I’d never been round the whole Arboretum before so it was a good opportunity…

  7. kate Goodall says:

    Nick, you might want to keep an eye on http://www.flickr.com/groups/366117@N24 – these guys capture all sorts of stuff you may find of interest.

  8. Dan Slee says:

    Lovely day, lovely music and lovely pics and write-up. Good work all round, I think.

    Only fly in the ointment was that my son didn’t approve of Stem and we had to leave before Arbor Lights started because he was tired, poor lamb.

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