Bandstand Marathon & Walsall Sportsfest: coming soon to an arboretum near you!

Ian Morton-Jones writes to me from the grey Lubyanka that is Walsall’s Civic Centre to alert me of a wonderful, free event going down in the Arboretum in Walsall on Sunday, 9th September. Ian’s appealing for stallholders, too, so if you think you’d like to take part, do give him a shout. Contact details are listed below.

I know a number of Walsall Council folk are working very hard on this, so the event deserves our support.

Ian writes:

Hi Bob

I wonder if you could find room in your heart and blog to mention this event?

There will be a big, brash pdf of the event flyer along in a day or so, but if you’d link to this/mention this in the meantime we’d be very grateful.

There’s no tickets to buy, as entry is free for all.

The bandstand – along with the rest of the Arboretum – is looking brilliant after the recent refurb. Picture from Walsall Council.

Bandstand Marathon & Walsall Sportsfest

At Walsall Arboretum

Sunday 9th September 2012

As part of the Walsall for 2012 celebrations, we’re planning to hold an event in Walsall Arboretum on Sunday, 9th September.

One of the largest closing events of Lodon 2012


Live music, artists performances, craft stalls, family activities, sports demonstrations and have-a-go activities

Visit the new Gallery Garden in the refurbished Arboretum.

Gallery Garden activities 2.00 pm – 6.00pm

Graham Jones wood sculptor, Ron & Julie Thompson sculptors, Annie Bowden community artist, Walsall Knitting Circle, simple cake decorating

Elizabeth Knight

 Music Line Up Noon – 6.00pm

12.00 noon: Walsall Gilbert & Sullivan Society

12.45: Chuck Micallef, Dave Luke & Nick Tomson

1.45: Tony Barrett Band

2.30: Phoenix Brass Band

3.30: Aziz

4.30: Stems

5.30: Arbor Lights

Ian added:

There will be opportunities to try a wide variety of sports and physical activities; you can even do an induction on the day for Walsall’s children’s Fit Zone gyms.

Get your bike checked and see a BMX demonstration.

Talk to Bootcamp fitness experts. 

There are still some vacant stalls up for grabs if you know of anyone who might be interested.

We would especially like to hear from holistic/arts & crafts/alternative therapy practitioners.

There is no cost to the stallholder, they just need to contact Craig Vincent at or 07970 785 686.

They won’t get any printed advertising at this late stage but they’ll be in the online stuff.

Thanks for your support



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  1. I’d just like to add that expensive bikes ridden by anonymous Brownhills folk desperate to get to the hog roast will be allowed in 😉

  2. Excellent!

    Mmm. Delicious bacon. Cheers!


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