Chasewater Railway – lots to do today and tomorrow!

I see that Chasewater Railway, the preserved line and hidden gem at Chasewater, have a Jubille Street Party on tomorrow, Tuesday 5th June 2012. It’s at Brownhills West station (The one near the Chasewater Innovation Centre and South Shore), and there will be all the usual stuff, plus traditional fete attractions and stalls.

Worth it for the trains and tea rooms alone, this is sure to be a really fun day out. Also (and I’m sorry I missed it earlier) There’s a Road & Rail steam event ongoing today, with engines under steam, both road and rail. It looks to be quite a nice couple of days, so why not pop along?

Cheers to Godfrey ‘Oakparkrunner’ Hucker for the heads up.

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  1. dcevewv says:

    sounds, erm,…. fun?

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