On the loss of a great, great man

Gareth Perrins-Seedhouse: a remarkable chap.

It is with great sadness and a large degree of personal grief that I must share the tragic news that Brownhills lad, Walsall Council Parks guy and top fundraiser Gareth Perrins-Seedhouse yesterday passed away following a tenacious and long fight with cancer.

I appealed for donations on behalf of Gareth Perrins-Seedhouse back in 2012, when, despite his ongoing and grave illness, he ran Shenstone Fun Run, raising a huge total of £7,355.40 for the Teenage Cancer Trust.

Gareth’s story and incredible fortitude touched many, many hearts – amongst his friends, workmates and you blog readers who gave so very generously.

Gareth was a great father and top bloke too, and always dealt with my enquiries in a that friendly, open-hearted manner he will always be known and remembered for.

On behalf of myself, and readers of the blog – many who knew Gareth personally – I’d like to offer our sincerest condolences to Gareth’s wife, Nina, and their children, and of course to all his family and friends.

You can donate to the Teenage Cancer Trust directly here.

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7 Responses to On the loss of a great, great man

  1. Helen Burrows says:

    Gareth was a great man, and will be very sadly missed. As a council employee he was unstoppable in his dedication to his job, even on occasion holding work meetings in hospital whilst receiving treatment. Over the years he has secured millions of pounds worth of funding for our parks, and has tirelessly along with his team strived to gain Green Flag status for as many of our parks as he could. Put this together with an irrepressible optimism and a wicked sense of humour the loss is indeed great. If anyone deserves to be honoured by our town for services rendered it is this man. Thoughts go out to his family.

  2. kate Goodall says:

    A great man indeed. So hard-working, tenacious, inspirational, dedicated, passionate, good humoured and loved and respected by so many. Its heartbreaking that his beautiful young children won’t have him around to guide them, along with Nina, through life. He fought so bloody hard for extra time since he received his devastating prognosis. Its never going to be enough though, is it, when that ‘extra time’ doesn’t amount to a fully lived life? I’m glad that he at least had a life lived to the full and has left his mark on so many people.

  3. peter says:

    Sadly I never met or knew Gareth, judging by some of the comments and the original storyline back in 2012 I think I would have liked to know him. Whoever your god is ask for a little extra tonight, for his wife and children. God bless.


  4. Andy Dennis says:

    Well, Peter, you are right. You had the misfortune never to have met so genuine, fair and dedicated a man as Gareth was. It is rare that one knows, or even knows of, someone about whom this can be said wholeheartedly. Often at this sort of time people tend to say this sort of thing about people to be polite and to attempt some comfort for the bereaved, but in Gareth there really was a man about whom this is unquestionably true. I know this from meeting him and those who worked with him. The Borough of Walsall is greatly diminished.

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  6. Becky T says:

    I’m so upset reading about Gareth’s passing. He was a really lovely guy and all the things everyone else has said above. Totally dedicated to what he did for Walsall has done so much for all the Parks and more.. Most of all just really nice guy and family man. My fondest memory of him was sharing a drink with him and Nina when we bumped into them many moons ago in Wales by sheer chance in a pub. This was before he was married and had the children, so sad and my heart and thoughts go out to Nina, his children, family and friends.

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