Keep your eye out, folks. Lost GPS at Chasewater…

Facade66 is a longstanding local history buff and Panoramio user.

This is just a heads-up for people using Chasewater. Reader, Panoramio old-timer and good friend of the blog Facade66 has lost his GPS unit from his bike handlebars his bike at Chasewater this morning.

Hi Bob,

I went to examine the new dam works and the levels in Chasewater today, and managed to lose my garmin etrex GPS off my ‘bike.

Don’t know how this happened, the mount hasn’t broken.

Somewhere between the North end of the dam and the North end of the railway causeway, passing outside the rugby club, and crossing on the level crossing at Chasewater Heaths. Went back and searched, but it wasn’t there, so likely one of the many walkers has picked it up. (Very busy at 9:00 this morning)

Very useful bit of kit on the ‘bike as you know.

I’m trying to ‘phone the Rangers and the visitor centre on the off chance.

If you hear anything, through the column, I guess a lot of Brownhills read it, please let me know.



My sympathies go out to Facade66 – I know what a bugger it is to lose stuff like that from your steed. Please, anyone finding the device, please either hand it in to the rangers or visitor’s centre, or comment or mail me here. I have full contact details.

Best of luck with that old chap. Always a pleasure to help.

Etrex units come in various colours and styles, but all look broadly similar to this one.

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  1. Facade66 says:

    Thanks for putting this up for me Bob,

    the missing unit is a more tasteful (but less visible) grey & black.
    It announces who it belongs to when you turn it on with a contact number, that may be out of date……

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