Shire Oak to Chasewater in 4 minutes 27 seconds

Former Brownhills resident Porktora, now living in San Antonio, Texas where he works as a graphics designer, sometimes misses his hometown. Last weekend, when I posted some ride video, he commented how good it was to see the short canal section of the ride.

Seeing as Mr. Torta worked so hard to identify the Chasewater terrapin, I thought I’d repay the favour.

Knowing how dear to his heart it is, today I filmed the journey from Shire Oak, Brownhills, where Porktorta lived, to Chasewater, and set it to some great music. In order to make it more interesting and reduce the boring bits, I’ve speeded it up by nearly three and a half times. A journey that took around 15 minutes is condensed into 4 minutes and 27 seconds.

The music is a frankly remarkable track I found at the weekend. It’s by modern jazzer Jaqui Naylor, and is a cover of Talking Heads ‘Once in a Lifetime’ set loosely, and live, to the music of jazz standard ‘Birdland’. I love it, and think it’s wonderful.

To Brownhills exiles, wherever yo may be, it’s still home and we all love it.

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8 Responses to Shire Oak to Chasewater in 4 minutes 27 seconds

  1. PorkTorta says:

    This is fantastic! Can’t thank you enough….maybe I could twist your arm to join me for a pint when I’m back, eh? Been sick as a very sick dog with the flu all week, and with a couple of days in bed, and all kinds of things going on at work (new reptile house, new ‘you are here’ maps, tree kangaroo day, armed forces day, and three crazy interns) I’ve not even Twittered and barlely even shown my face around these parts. This is a lovely surprise. Seven weeks and counting!

  2. PorkTorta says:

    …three times I’ve watched it now, and it’s still fantastic. Love that you managed to go past my parents house. Judging by the time of day, we might actually have been Skype-ing when you pedaled past the window. Wish i’d been paying closer attention! Inspired music choice too. Thanks again mate. Owe you one!

  3. David Evans says:

    HI Bob
    yes..a super video..enjoyed every moment . Good of you to do this for for a young Texacan who will surely appreciate real, non US beer when he does come back for a while.
    David ( developing gills )

  4. flodda says:

    Brill Vid yet again Mr Bob………………………………

  5. Chris Hill says:

    Super vid super tune, super bob.

  6. Neil says:

    Porktorta knows this stretch of canal very well; he swam in it in the summer of ’95 when we were locked out of his parents house! Dived in and swam breaststroke for an admirable distance! The reception back home wasn’t too welcoming 😉 We spent many Saturday mornings walking into Brownhills along the canal and many hours in the record shop on the High Street. 7 weeks and counting! There’s a new Brownhills brewery for you to try- Backyard: It’s a wonderful drop!

  7. PorkTorta says:

    They were the days, Neil! Not just the underwater Weismullering in the cut, but YES – the fun we had in Range Records, buying armfuls of three for a quid cd singles by bands that we had never heard of. Bands that NOBODY had ever heard of!

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