The beer hunters

Last night, I was talking on twatter to ex-Pelsall girl and top knitter and cytologist Moominbadger about Beryl Reid, as you do. I mistakenly asserted Beryl to have been a Brummie, which seems not to be the case, Beryl actually hailing from Herefordshire. Since Moomin is a little on the young side to remember the great actress and comedienne, I dug out an clip on YouTube. This set me thinking… although we’ve talked about home deliveries before, we haven’t much covered the activity of pub-going, having a pint or two and what local brews and pubs were like in days of yore.

In order to kick this off, I’ve found some great beer adverts from times past, and assembled them into a post.  What tales have you of closing times, rough boozers and curiously eccentric locals? What beer was good, and which was cutwerter?

Please do comment, or drop me a line at BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Cheers!

I love the way the appearance of the text is horridly out of synch with Beryl turning to look at it…

Double Diamond apparently only drunk by the manly. Funny, that’s about the opposite of how I recall the general feeling on the matter.

I’d love to know where this was filmed, and if old Lester declared his appearance for tax purposes.

Worthington E was reputedly a lousy, week brew. Never drunk it myself…

Davenports seemed to be largely hated, but the Beer at Home brand was iconic. They did, of course, own Highgate Brewery in Walsall for a time.

Ah, Noddy. Banks’s adverts a bit of a rarity. Loved these two.

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8 Responses to The beer hunters

  1. pedro says:

    Now M&B, Ansells Bitter and Banks, real ale!

    But Double Diamond, Worthington E and Davenports continental larger? Thank God for CAMRA!

    Used to slip over the border to the Hussey Arms for the last half hour, as the B’ham pubs closed at 10.30pm. Never thought I would see the boozers open all day!

    Regards Pedro

  2. hapdaniel says:

    Young’s, Fuller’s, Greene King, Courage’s Directors blah blah blah. Yes, I know, “Eff off, effete Londoner”.

  3. Ian says:

    Love the old ads, thank you. As a complete aside, does anyone remember the shower or electricity advets that had the catchphrase “everybody likes to shower”?

  4. kate Goodall says:

    Wonder what the cut off age is for knowing what “offie” means. Of course effete London types probably had their butler send out for victuals.

    I remember one New Year at The Bell in Blocko when the Stomper was brought out. Anyone else familiar with this, or would it just have been a Bell thing?

  5. pedro says:

    “Wonder what the cut off age is for knowing what “offie” means.”

    And what age to remember that you could take a jug and have it filled up?

    Regards Pedro

  6. pedro says:

    Atkinsons an alternative to M&B and Ansells…

  7. JeepBoy says:

    when I was about 10 my nan used to send me down to the bell on the corner of whitehouse st and stafford st to get a bottle of beer filled up – as long as the landlord stuck a piece of tape over the stopper its was all perfectly legal !

  8. PorkTorta says:

    I remember being ecstatic at uni when finding out that my local pub when I moved out of halls and into the INCREDIBLY small and ‘League of Gentlemen-esque’ Cilfynydd, Mid Glamorgan served Ansell’s mild. Granted, not my brew of choice, I’ve been a Banks’s mild drinker since prised off my mother’s teat, but it was a taste of home, and a welcome one at that.

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