Clear waters rising

The water level at Chasewater – as well as other questions – continues to fascinate. It seems I’m not the only one gazing on the waterfront – there’s another contender, top reader Andy Dennis. Following my musings last weekend on the nature of drought and the contribution of recent rains to the refilling of our local canal feeder reservoir, both Andy and myself have visited Chasewater a few times to see how things are progressing. Andy was good enough to take some pictures and send them to me… I’m not quite sure how we’ll judge it when the secondary outlet culvert is finally submerged, but not yet up to the foot of the rain gauge..

I also noted with some amusement this week, Lichfield District Council’s piss poor attempt to jump on the Chasewater refilling bandwagon. Whilst I’m sure LDC did everything within their power, they couldn’t manage the earthly task of seeing a fix through to completion, let alone master the rain gods.

The very cheek!

Andy Dennis wrote:

Hello Bob

I’ve attached a few pictures related to rising water levels at Chasewater.

Two of the secondary outlet  (continued filling without further rain) and today, taken from roughly the same place as your recent shots.

Sharp-eyed folk may have noticed the gauge on the pier, though it is till high and dry. The intervals appear to be 10cm.

One of the outfall from Fly Pool and two of Great Crane Brook running vigorously.

Today there were some people looking around the nine foot pool area and as there was one with Staffordshire Highways on his hi-vis I asked him about the status of Pool Road across the dam. He said it is a BOAT (Byway Open to All Traffic) subject to a temporary closure order in connection with the works. They are to consult soon on permanent closure.


Going… 1:53pm, Monday, 30th April 2012. Picture by Andy Dennis.

Going, going… 10:34am, Wednesday, 2nd May 2012. Picture by Andy Dennis.

Nearly gone… 4:22pm, Thursday, 3rd May 2012. Picture by BrownhillsBob.

The rain gauge. I hadn’t noticed this, either. Need about another meter and a half to register on it, I think. 1:42pm, Monday, 30th April 2012. Picture by Andy Dennis.

The outfall, or creek from Fly Pool on the North Heath. Flowing healthily at 2:17pm, Monday, 3rd May 2012. Picture by Andy Dennis.

Further north, the Great Crane Brook is also in steady flow. 2:49pm, Monday, 3rd May 2012. Picture by Andy Dennis.

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  1. Mike Hawes says:

    Great pictures, can’t get there today to see it. The problem though is the fact this rain we should have had in the winter, as soon as the sun comes out and the various trees and plants begin sucking it up these streams will dry up. The amount of evaporation will increase too.

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