Chasewater in 1919: the mapping jigsaw

Chasewater as it was mapped in 1919. This was a 1:2,500 scale draft by the Ordnance Survey. Clicking on the image will open a more legible version - but check out the full size PDF or JPEG versions for the full glory, linked below.

Continuing to fulfil Graham Evans’ request (and for that matter, to keep all the map geeks happy – I know you’re out there – over 600 downloads of the 1884 map alone last week) here’s a map of how Chasewater was around about the First World War. Much has changed since last week’s 1884 map – Jeffrey’s Swag and the Causeway have appeared, for a start, and notice the little details like the Pavillion on the North Shore south of the colliery. Also note the triangular structure on the West Shore where the island would be today, and the inlets that appear to be basins on the south – were these for the ill-fated steam boat service, perhaps? This map has again been pieced together painstakingly from map fragments, digital and scanned. It took about 5 hours in total.

You can download a PDF file of this map by clicking this link or a JPEG version by clicking this link – both are a shade under 11 meg but well worth it for the quality of image. I’m hoping to turn this into a Google Earth Overlay at some point – others will follow as time permits. I’ll be doing the 1902 and 1964 eventually, but they won’t be for a month or so. I’m all geeked out on this for a bit… it’s hard work.

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2 Responses to Chasewater in 1919: the mapping jigsaw

  1. David Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    super composite map of Chasewater from long time ago. Many thanks for your skill in creating this. Greatly appreciated. I notice that even “Old “Jim Braidley’s Methodist chapel in Norton East Road is shown!
    When was this demolished? I wonder if there are any photos of this little place of worship and its congregation ?
    best wishes
    David Evans

  2. Graham Evans says:

    Hi Bob,
    Heartfelt thanks for all your efforts again. Another map full of fascinating information that I’ll spend hours digesting. Its fantastic that you’ve had 600 downloads of the 1884 map; I knew that we couldn’t be the only map-geeks around!

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