A message from the new landlords of The Swan

A great community pub set to live again.

Jane & Geoff Taylor yesterday commented the following on the post ‘The Pubs We’ve Lost‘, and I thought it deserved a wider airing, so I’m posting it here. They’re clearly dedicated people who are talking a good fight, so lets see Brownhills support them in their efforts to create a true community pub. In a sea of bland, faceless food pubs with another set to open at the Hussey, it’s charming and encouraging to find that someone feels that there’s a future for the community local.

The Swan Inn on Pelsall Road will be re-opening mid July so come along and support ‘a true freehouse’. Geoff & Jane (myself) formerly owners of The Prince of Wales, Watling Street (2003 – 2007) have bought The Swan. Our ‘logo’, as one seems to need one these days, is ‘bringing the community together’. That is our aim and that is what we will strive to do. Now it will be a ‘true’ freehouse so you’ll be getting a better choice of brands at affordable prices. No hot food but cheese & onion/ham cobs (pork & stuffing cobs on Sundays), crisps, scratchings, nuts etc. We shall be on the lookout for darts, pool, cribbage, dominoes teams so, if you’re interested, come along and see us.

The pub (& living accommodation) needs money throwing at it but this will have to be done over time, as money and time allows. It will however be clean and fresh and inviting.

Geoff & I shall be living there with our 2 daughters, Laura & Abbey. Abbey will be responsible for the majority of the cleaning and also wants us to train her up behind the bar. Laura works at Tesco so her input, initially, will be minimal. She has however set us up a page on Facebook and got us an email address (theswanbrownhills at hotmail.co.uk). Any input most welcome as we are here to please.

In response, top local ale enthusiast and author of the essential publog (as well as the superlative pigblog) Stymaster, contributed the following:

Brilliant news Jane. As I’ve said, I will be dropping by- it’s not right by where I live but only a couple of miles of pleasant walk up the canal. I like the pub and get the impression you’ll do a good job of running it. It’s great that you’re a free house and offering some food- you’ve hit a good few of my criteria for the perfect pub, so make sure you remember to email when you open. With a bit of tidying the pub will be perfectly presentable – I’m looking forward to it.

I wish the Taylor family success in this wonderful venture. As I said previously, if Jane & Geoff would like anything posting here, just ask. I’m keen to support local businesses and that goes for anyone in Brownhills and surrounds who needs help, a plug or a bit of exposure. BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot Com.

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6 Responses to A message from the new landlords of The Swan

  1. ALL the very best i am in australia but i will raise my glass to you also to any other peole re my last notice reema in the 60,s the site was on watling street they also had a site at heath hays so we are looking for the war babies on this one but a good topic to raise in the pub.

    Regards to you all

    Martin Walters. [ex reema]

  2. ian says:

    Hi, any news on wnat is happening at the Swan went down last night ut was boarded up?

  3. Mick_P says:

    Any news indeed. I passed by yesterday afternoon having just come back from Italy to visit family, and I was surprised to see it still boarded up with no signs of life and the lease board still in place. Are things going as planned? I was hoping to pop in for a beer while I was over, but obviously that’s not going to happen.

  4. NOT OPEN says:

    Well now October looks like someone jumped the gun! Maybe you’ve all got jobs at Tesco’s???????

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