Save Walsall libraries e-petition now online

An e-petition has now been started on the Walsall Council website to protest about library cuts by the council. Please sign it if you wish to support the great work these facilities do for the community.

There’s also a second petition, protesting about cuts at Walsall in general.

If we don’t make our voices heard, we’ll lose what we value most.

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3 Responses to Save Walsall libraries e-petition now online

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  2. V M Burton says:

    Books make us civilised, not just existant.

  3. Mark Pumphrey says:

    It is extremely important to ensure there is sufficient access to learning. I understand it is a difficult decision and urge those that make it to consider carefully the impact it has on users of the library service. Have they considered allowing volunteers to run the centre to help keep costs down.

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