Scouting out the history

Time for a bit of history (makes a change in the run up to Christmas!) and I’ve had this interesting image in from Adam Mayon, who believes it’s of Brownhills Scouts, taken around 1960.

His request is simple:

Brownhills Socuts, believed to be around 1950. Image kindly supplied by Alistair Mayo.

Hi Bob, 
Can any of your readers identify the scouts in this picture?
I think this is about 1950.
Alistair Mayo

I’ve tweaked the image as best I can and feel sure someone will recognise at least a few of these fine lads.

You can comment here, mail me on BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com or buttonhole me on social media.

It’s worth pointing out that Brownhills still has a thriving Scout group.

The Scouts are a fine organisation, giving young folk access to experiences and social events that are unparalleled elsewhere. I know for a fact that John Currie and his group are a credit to our community, and they all work hard to help out at Brownhills events.

If you’ve got a young one you think would enjoy the Beavers or Scouts, why not pop along and find out what they’re about? You can find contact details for your nearest group here.

Untitled 9

Brownhills Scouts, after years in the Scout Hut by the Memo, now have a great place down Barnetts Lane. Imagery from Bing! Maps.

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5 Responses to Scouting out the history

  1. ronald tranter last but one on back row ritght who remembers when the scout hut was located on chester road near where the police station stands and where the fire station stood if i recall right scouter bickley from church road was scout master in those days

  2. alan thacker says:

    i was in 2nd brownhills 15 walsall scouts 1955-1959 –stan swan was scout master –remember alister mayo was in senior scouts then so too was his brother george -dont recognise anyone on pic prob just before my time –good times though

  3. davidoakley says:

    Hi Bob,
    I was delighted to find my old friend, Bernard Buckroyd on the photo, third from right on the back row. Thank you so much, Alistair.

  4. brian ashford. says:

    middle row scout in centre is peter edwards some others i might remember later he lived on hussey estate close to alistair mayo he is now 80.

  5. brian ashford. says:

    the boy in centre second row is peter edwards off the hussey estate couple more i know names may come to me later he is now turned 80.

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