6 Responses to Plans submitted for extra parking at Oak Park

  1. Andy Roper says:

    Thanks Bob

    I wish the Council would actually get around to provide a road sign on the Lichfield Roas for the Walsall Wood Football Club

  2. stymaster says:

    It’s regrettable about the pitches, but the fact remains that you won’t get people out of their cars, even if the purpose of getting in the car is to go to excercise :-./. It matters not if there’s a bus service, cycle parking, footpaths, adequate pedestrian crossings etc, because for many, the only mode of transport that even registers is car. This is whyroads are jameed, schools are blighted with traffic, and hospital car parks permanently full. The original car park of the new centre never was going to cut it, sadly.

    Even then, they won’t want to walk more than a few yards from their car; you can see the results of this outside pretty much any gym.

  3. Kevin says:

    Why not extend the car park to the North West grass areas that are currently available and keep the 5-A-Side pitches. These after the creation of centres like “Goals” are now gold dust and very lucrative. All seems a little ill thought out!

  4. Philip says:

    If something was done about the antisocial behaviour, lighting and security on the old car park, people wouldn’t be so reluctant to park there. It wasn’t great when the old oak park was open, so people aren’t likely to park there now it’s derelict and so far away from the centre. You have a new leisure centre that has pool, gym, hall, badminton and squash courts and a 4G pitch which people will travel for miles to use. The current parking is barely sufficient for the football pitches let alone anything else in the centre. Poor planning.

  5. AJT says:

    I’ve also heard that the grass pitch next to the current little car park will soon be turned into another 4G football pitch – even less natural, free places for teams to train on. If true just another way of raising money by the council.

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