Beware: Lady intimidated at Chasewater Heath

Chasewater North Heath is popular with dog walkers and keep fit types, but beware if out on your own.

I note in the last couple of days a worrying report of a lady being followed by a male behaving oddly on Chasewater North Heath, and post the following to warn dog walkers, particularly other women, to be aware.

If you have experienced this type of behaviour, please do make an effort to contact the police; the more reports, the more chance of of them being able to find the man in question.

A lady reported the following:

I was followed on the evening of Thursday, 25th May 2017 at about 7:30/7:45pm over Chasewater (Burntwood Side), just behind the railway cafe, when walking my dog.

The man was a white male, thin faced, riding a push bike. He had a strange smirk on his face and stopped right in my path. As I started walking back on myself I noticed him follow me on his bike slowly and every time I looked behind, he stopped and pulled a weird smile.

I then put my dog on the lead and pulled my dog to walk faster, at this point the man started to peddle faster. I had to then pick up my dog and run and he pursued me right to the gates of the Chasewater Cafe.

Luckily there was a lovely lady locking up who stayed with me until he disappeared. It could have been a lot worse if I was further into Chasewater as it’s very remote with nowhere to run.

I have reported the incident to the police who have been looking for the man who was acting suspiciously and have taken a statement.

If anyone else has whitnessed this man tonight or any other time please call Chasetown Police/ Staffordshire Police.

Please be careful if you’re out and about in the area by yourself; even in the middle of the day parts of our area can be very isolated, so take care where you go alone.

If you or your children are subject to anything like this, please do contact the police. This type of behaviour can escalate.

If you have any information related to this incident call Staffordshire Police on 101, or you may also speak to Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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3 Responses to Beware: Lady intimidated at Chasewater Heath

  1. Natalie says:

    I’m sure I know this guy I saw him on my run the other day. He’s been doing things like that for years, he’s got a medical condition I think. He used to follow me on his skateboard years ago. Don’t know his name but think he’s harmless.

    • I too was approached by a man on a bike years ago. He just stood smiling at me, I was on my bike and had stopped to admire the view. I felt very frightened and scarpered as fast as I could. Never reported it as I thought I was being silly,but I told my husband and have never been around Chasewater alone since.

  2. Frank Dennis says:

    motor bikes (presumably unlicenced anone with a small child riding on the petrol tank while the rider has no helmet and another 4 with helmets are frequently seen on the footpaths in the daytime. No police are in evidence and to ring 101 and get a response often takes time — I know they are difficult to police but their behaviour is dangerous and at least insulting when challenged.

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