Brownhills Canalside Festival 2017 cancelled


The Brownhills Canalside Festival has been a fixture of summer in Brownhills for over a decade.

It’s with some sadness that today I share the news that there will be no Canalside Festival in Brownhills this summer.

Brian Stringer, one of those who work so hard to make the event a success, has written to let me know that following changes to the planned organisation this year, followed by the subsequent loss of the head of Brownhills Town Centre partnership Diane Mansell to pastures new, it has not been possible to organise anything in time.

Diane who has done so much good work in Brownhills, has moved on following the ending of her post in Aldridge and Brownhills and will be very sadly missed; she not only organised Brownhills in Bloom and all the fun days we had, but was a real force in town litter picks and other community events, both here and in Aldridge.

I hope something can be sorted for the festival in future years, as it’s always been good to see Brownhills getting together for a day, more often than not in the sun. I know that over time, Brian has personally sweat bullets to deliver a great event and know how sad he is at the current situation.

My best wishes to Brian, all at the community Association who were trying to get something together and of course, to Diane who’s now moved to a post in Birmingham: Walsall Council doesn’t know what it’s lost. You were great.

Meanwhile, if you have any local summer events, please feel free to drop me a line and I’ll share them with readers – BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Cheers.

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6 Responses to Brownhills Canalside Festival 2017 cancelled

  1. Oh no, that’s so sad and I didn’t realise Diane had moved on. I wonder if the community could all work together to make it happen.

  2. christine coles says:

    that’s a shame I was hoping to come home to Brownhills this summer to come see this from my home now in cornwall

  3. Steve devey says:

    It’s about time Brownhills re-gained its independence, and stopped being a “cash cow” for Walsall. Our once thriving town is now an eyesore, building more houses yet nothing plowed I told investment to improve our high street is nothing short of a disgrace.

  4. aerreg says:

    yesterday i did a memory lane tour of the brownhills i once knew what a shock the thing that truck me is the lack off coinsordinaaction that has taken place it seems over the years buildings have been plonked just hear and there to suit the individual need how ever i went back to my childhood days and yes beneath the shambles the roots of my brownhills still stands regardless of the swapping and changing of the various authorities god bless all those who still fly the flag and thanks for the memouries you bring

  5. Meetic gratis says:

    This is a pity.

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