Dropping a Cla’nger

bridge st club

Clayhanger Working Men’s Club, 1953. Can you help Brian Stringer name the people featured? Click for a larger version – Image kindly supplied by Brian Stringer.

Friend of the blog, community activist and Clayhanger Kid himself, Brian Stringer has sent the above image of the members of Clayhanger Working Men’s Club around 1953, and is  trying to identify as many people in the picture as he can.

Brian wrote:

HI Bob,

I’ve used this photo in one of my books and know quite a few of the people on it. I wonder if any of your bloggers can come up with some missing names. It’s a picture of members of Clayhanger Working Mens Club circa 1953.

I think most of the ones on the left used to live on the Pelsall Rd opposite the old Jolly Collier.

The ones I recognise are. Walter Birch,Jack Poxon, Mr Talbot, Bert Platt, Ronnie Willetts, Peter Richards, Peggy and Tom Platt, Mr Clews, Liz Wright, ‘Lofty’ Day, Pat, Connie, and Sid Meacham, (Seated), May Lewis? Mrs Jeffries, Mrs Howes?, Edie Talbot, and Billie Jeffries.

I’d love to know the rest.


There are many, many brownie points on offer if you can solve this one! Comment here or mail me: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Thanks!

It’s always a pleasure to help Brian if we can, so please do get your thinking caps on.

Cheers to Brian for a great enquiry,

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6 Responses to Dropping a Cla’nger

  1. Pedro says:

    Something puzzles me about this picture, if it is actually a picture of “members’ of the Club, and that is that there are possibly over 50% women in what is termed a Working men’s Club!

    I say this as, at many working men’s clubs around that time, women could only be associate members, not having the rights of full membership.

    Maybe it is a picture of the Committee and their wives?

  2. David Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    in conversation with Tom Platt ( third row,left..young chap with white shirt and neat tie) he was able to identify 16 people in the group..Ive given Brian the details…and Tom also mentioned that the club stood near the corner of Bridge St and HIgh Street..close to Howdles butchers shop. I understand that some of the group in the photo came from Pelsall Road area of the village..so was this photo taken at some open social event?
    And a query…where was the Clayhanger racing pigeon club based..at this club or at the “Dragon” pub? We seem to know relatively little about this part of our local history…….perhaps readers can help
    kind regards

  3. David Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    Ive sent a message to Brian with that request. Thanks for the “bunt”…..

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