In memoriam: Roger Mosedale


Roger Mosedale, who sadly passed away on Tuesday 19th July 2016. Image generously supplied by Colin Corbett.

It’s my sad and solemn duty to report to readers of the blog that local lad and friend to many regulars on this blog, Roger Mosedale sadly passed away in St. Giles hospice in Goscote on Tuesday, 19th July 2016.

Roger’s great friend Colin Corbett informed me of his condition on Monday, but I was unsure whether to share it here. Sadly, the following day, Roger slipped away.

Colin Worte to me a few hours ago:

Hi Bob

I sent you a message about Roger Mosedale – Monday 18th July – very poorly in Goscote – St Giles – Sad to say He passed away the following day – Tuesday.

I hope you can let the people of Brownhills, Walsall Wood & Aldridge know as many knew him.

I send all my best and sincere thoughts to his family and friends.

I’ve lost a great and close friend.

I enclose a Picture of Roger ( 1961) plus a picture of the Group as well ( 1961 ) The Sundowners.

Colin Corbett ( Drummer )

I know what cherished memories many here have of Roger and the local music scene he was such a part of. Roger commented a lot on the history of Friezland Lane Club and I know he had great memories of both that institution and of playing in The Sundowners.

My sincere condolences to Roger’s family, friends and all who knew and remembered him. Running the blog as I do you become all too aware of time’s arrow and at instances like this the sadness is particularly acute.

Thank you to Colin for letting us know. On behalf of all blog readers, my deepest sympathies, and thank you.


The Sundowners are very only remembered. Image generously supplied by Colin Corbett.

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14 Responses to In memoriam: Roger Mosedale

  1. David Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    Sad news indeed.

  2. Norman Taylor. says:

    Sad news about Roger my condolences to his family and friends, I did enjoy his posts about Friezland Lane as I too grew up there, and was a friend of Roger in the 50’s and 60’s but we all grow up and go our different ways then lose touch, RIP Rog.
    Norman Taylor.

  3. RIP Roger Mosedale

  4. says:

    This is a bitter blow. I just completed a letter to Our Roger as he was always known as in the family. I had just discovered where Roger was living through a friend and was hoping to make contact after many years apart. I also discovered that Roger was a talented poet and had some of his works published. Rest in Peace cousin. Brian, Vancouver, Canada.

    • Rachel Smith says:

      Hello Brian,
      I am Rachel, Uncle Dodge’s niece, and his sister Susan’ daughter. Could you just confirm that you are Brian Edwards for me please. As the family are hearing that you have some memorabilia of Uncle Dodge that you would like us to receive. I look forward to hearing from you.

      • Brian Edwards says:

        Hi Rachel. You may contact me through the email address that I used as my heading. Today has been a most difficult day for yourself and many others. With the understanding that Roger was loved and Roger also offered his love to others; this in itself will hopefully will lift our hearts to a life well lived. I look forward to hearing from you and thank Bob for being the catalyst of our correspondence. Talk soon. Brian

  5. Roy stanway says:

    sorry to about Roger we had been friends for a very long time ever since he was in the Army Cadets at Brownhills I’ve been living in Australia for nearly 50 years now but still kept in touch with him .He was best man at my wedding in 66 .also the boys in the band played at my sisters 21st Birthday Party when we lived-in Brownhills he will be .saddle missed by all who new him .
    a very good friend will be missed .all the to you .Roy stanway

  6. Rachel Rattenberry says:

    To all,
    I am Rachel, Uncle ‘Dodges’ niece. The family would like to thank Colin for posting this memoriam and for all your lovely comments and thoughts. Bought tears to our eyes. If any of you, and others you may know would like to attend his service it is being held on Friday 12th August at 12.45pm, Streetly Crematorium, West Chapel. Sid, his lifelong friend, is conducting the service. The family have requested no flowers but any donations to be made to St Giles Hospice, Walsall, where he spent his last days. You will be able to do this on the day.. Once again, thank you for all your lovely kind thoughts and memories.
    As Uncle Dodge used to say to me, night and god bless to you all xx

  7. Mick Bullock says:

    I didn’t know Roger personally but knew of the Sundowners,heard them quite a few times.After listening to him again it makes me realise what a superbly talented musician he was,it was great to listen to him again.RIP Roger you will be missed by a lot of people.

    • I knew Roger when he worked at Deansons as a driver he was also a good friend to my late husband Dave who was also a driver at Deansons. Dave and Roger use to swap L Ps they use to like the same music I am so sorry that he has past away he was a lovely man condolences to Roger’s 👪 family God Bless you all X X X

  8. David Danks says:

    What great great sadness to learn of dear Rogers passing. I am the guitarist in the centre of the Sundowners photograph supplied by our great drummer Colin and I fondly remember my time playing with such a super bunch of guys in the early 60s. I lost touch with the band but after some detective work, managed to see Roger a couple of years ago. We promised to keep in touch and of course never did and now the chance has slipped away forever. Being passionate guitarists, Roger and I shared many musical ideas as young lads of 16, learning our craft when of course to be the next Shadows group was all we expected to be. Rest easy dear buddy and thank you for sharing some wonderful musical times all those years ago. Wonderful and very precious memories. Much love David Danks

  9. David Danks says:

    I just left a message about Roger and after reading some of the other notes, I now learn that as well as our mutual love of the guitar, we both shared a passion for writing poetry. How strange is that. I wrote this poem a few years ago which I hope I can share with everyone and of course dedicate it to the memory of dear Roger. It’s called Facing Up.

    It was a thin December day and a chill wind toyed with the last leaf still clinging to the sycamore.
    But moments ago it was full and fresh and green and with a thousand companions defied all that summer could bring. How proud was worn the red and gold ageing mantle of Autumn, winter still seemed so far away. But now alone and weak and taunted, it was time to let go. Beneath lay the trampled memories of those who had fallen before but that was of no comfort and all that remained was for the leaf to die, like a man.

    For you dear Roger, from David

  10. Hi Dave
    Great that you had got in touch with Roger some time back, I remember him telling me and asked for your phone number – but he had lost it – hope you will be at the funeral.
    I’ve worked it out and it will be 53 years since we were all together as a group at Roger’s funeral – Roger would have loved that, in fact he’d been trying to get us all back together for years – so sad it had to be like this.
    When Bob’s Blog asked for stories about harpers buses you may be interested what I wrote about them – it was about our first booking as a group Roger, Terry Lea and Myself – look it up.
    Truly great memories …

    Colin Corbett

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