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There’s a great new arts facility at Brownhills Activity Centre… Image from Walsall Council.

Brownhills Community Association have been busy, and recently got in touch to point out that they have a great new arts and performance space in the refurbished former school hall which is now called The Lamp.

The public debut of The Lamp will be next Friday, 29th July 2016, When it will be Movie Night at the Activity Centre – Buster Keaton’s ‘The General’ will be showning, with live piano accompaniment. Doors open at 7pm, with tickets at a very reasonable £5 or £4 for concessions. Tickets are available now from the Acitivity Centre office.


Come and see this silent classic, performed with a live piano accompaniment, as it was intended. Image from

You can find the the Community Association on the web here, visit their Facebook page here, check out their Twitter here (and that of The Lamp here), or call them on 01543 452119.

In order to find out more about this hive of activity right in the centre of Brownhills, roving reporter, arts correspondent and serial tea taster the young David Evans pooped over to the Brownhills Activity Centre to find out more.

He wrote:

I was delighted to attend this year’s Brownhills Canal Festival, and to take some photos of the super event. One stand caught my eye, among the many – that of the Brownhills Community Association. In the course of the brief time I was able to spend in pleasant conversation with the good folk, I was delighted to learn of their latest venture, ‘The Lamp’.

So taking up the invitation recently, I grabbed my trusty camera and went to have a look for myself. Regular blog readers will remember how accommodating and friendly the team were when I was allowed to view my old Junior School in Walsall Wood some while ago to take some photos.

I met Mr. John Batchelor, Marketing Manager of Brownhills Community Association, who kindly gave me a printed potted history of the building, and he and Mr. Nigel Anderson, Marketing Assistant showed me the Association’s new pride and joy, The Lamp which I remember as being the old school hall. But now it is much, much more and is a suite of rooms that boasts all the facilities to enable a whole range of activities, performances, exhibitions and social events to be held. An amazing transformation and total refurbishment which only took six months to achieve.

I was impressed by the self-evident team spirit and positivity in the centre and also by the range of activities, their breadth and number, that take place in the centre. This is truly an Activity Centre for all of the Brownhills community.

I am pleased to attach the photos I took, some which will bring back memories of school days from times gone by for some, er, more elderly readers, I feel sure…

I would like to thank Mrs Janet Davies of Brownhills Community Association for her hospitality and very warm welcome, and wish all the activity participants and club members of all ages every success.

The Community Association are based at Brownhills Activities Centre, just by the Miner Island in central Brownhills, and always have lots going on for people from the town – and the wider community – to enjoy.

The latest Brownhills Community Association newsletter – click the images for large versions.

The Activity Centre is what my generation would know as ‘The Annexe’ – the old Central Boy’s School, now a bustling community resource. To find out more about the events and activities, check out the newsletter above, or you can pop in or call them on 01543 452119.

The Community Association have lots of stuff going on, and loads of great facilities, right in the heart of Brownhills. I love what they’re about and all the great things they’re doing.

My best wishes to Janet and the gang, and thanks to David for a great report. Please do pop along and check them out. 

Images kindly supplied by David Evans

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  1. aerreg says:

    what a lovely memory of central school you have stired times have so much changed from the days of headmaster william wright dickey to us lads teachers joe stocley danny marklew cuppsa pugh billy hazard sam seedhouse mr jones the wood work teacher i still have the wooden cross i made in that bottom right class room i can still in my mind hear those old poetic words taught by mr wright the blind plough man and talking of one forever stays above the stage the words MANNERS MAKETH MAN how true happy days in those coriders i know there were tear days of the stick but you accepted it because you must have done wrong to get it god bless and best wishes for your future

  2. aerreg says:

    before i get corected MR WRIGHTS name was harry we called him gaffer my apolagies i think the grey matter is wearing slightly but please keep filling it

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