The Friends of Brownhills Common – Meeting and AGM next Monday!


We all love the common, but its management has proven controversial. Why not pop along to the meeting and discuss the issues with the experts and other users?

Here’s one for people interested in the issues surrounding Brownhills Common – theres the Annual General Meeting of the Friends of Brownhills Common ext Monday, 16th May 2016 at 7:00pm at the Environmental Depot, 200 Pelsall Road, Brownhills WS8 7EN – please meet in the reception by 7:00pm.

You can seen the notes from the Friends Group’s March 2016 meeting here, and the April meeting here.

You can also download a nomination form for the committee here.

Either print, complete and bring the nomination form to the meeting to vote or print, complete and send to Clive Morris, Senior Development Officer, Green Spaces, Clean and Green, Environmental Depot, 200, Pelsall Road, Brownhills. WS8 7EN.

Brownhills Common needs a good active friends group and this is your opportunity to join in and have your say in shaping the future management of the open space we all love.

The meeting is also open to the general public who may not wish to join the friends group, but are encouraged to attend and hear what everyone has to say.

If you can make time, do pop along. Brownhills Common will benefit hugely from an active friends group, and considering the manufactured outrage in recent years, I’d have thought plenty would be ready to join and add their voice. It’s important that we recognise what a valuable, fragile and important habitat Brownhills Common is, and why it requires careful and measured stewardship.

If you’ve only heard the alarmists, it’s a good opportunity to go out and meet, talk and listen to people who understand the issues and want to preserve the wildlife, and to help shape the future of Brownhills’ greatest asset.

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