Flytipping scum plaguing Brownhills

Brownhills Councillor Steve Wade has been in touch recently on a number of local issues, and I’m very glad to see him developing an online presence and keeping us informed of stuff he’s dealing with – and I’m very grateful for the positive moves he’s made to communicate with me and the blog – there’s more to come from Steve later this week.

One of the issues concerning Steve at the moment is flytipping. He’s reported personally in the last couple of days loads of rubbish tipped at Coppice Lane and on the Holland Park car park.

The loads dumped are clearly the result of cheap rubbish clearance cowboys, and such incidents seems to have been a growing issue in recent weeks.

Steve wrote on Thursday:

This is what I saw on my way to work this morning in Coppice Lane in Brownhills… Tyres, chairs, a couch and other rubbish.

Reported it to environmental health and they’ve been out and removed it straight away, so just like to say thanks to them for their speedy response. This is the second time in a fortnight this area has been targeted so we’re all going to have to be vigilant to catch the buggers in the act!

And posted again on Saturday:

Unbelievable! Took my son to football training with the Brownhills Colts this morning and what do I find, more Fly Tipping, this time in Holland Park! Shocking!

Third time in two weeks I’ve come across rubbish dumped by scumbags. On to environmental health again to get it cleared.

Oh to catch these people in the act would be great…

Steve asks that we all be vigilant, look out for people who might be dumping stuff, and not to use unlicensed rubbish removers.

The lads with the pickups are out, now punting for rubbish removal (presumably, the tatting market is becoming too crowded). They charge a small fee, then dump your waste in lay-bys, industrial estates, car parks and anywhere they can’t be seen. This leaves you as well as the dumpers open to prosecution, as giving waste to and unlicensed carrier is an offence and councils do prosecute.

If you need rubbish removal, either call Walsall Council for bulky waste collection, or employ a reputable firm. Ask to see their waste transfer license, and ask for, and keep the relevant paperwork. No genuine carrier will be offended by your asking for proof of their validity.

We all hate flytipping and the nuisance it causes. Please think carefully about who you give your waste to – and that includes scrap metal collectors who patrol the streets. By encouraging them, you’re perpetuating metal theft and other environmental crime.

If you have any idea who these flybynights are, please do contact the council’s street pride unit on 01922 653344 or better still, the police.

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4 Responses to Flytipping scum plaguing Brownhills

  1. Elvi says:

    This is because Walsall has no free recycling/skipping place.Why would i pay for recycling? They have free skipping in Burton-upon-Trent and Cannock. These are were i go. This is a big problem and that is the reason why this problem has developed in Walsall. Make a citizen friendly skipp and there will be non of this or will be kept to a minimum. Don’t replay to email as it is not the real one.

    • Walsall’s public tips at Merchant’s Way and Friar Close are free. You don’t have to pay.

      It’s more than that. It’s laziness and profiteering. I see just as much flytipping around Burton and Cannock areas as I do here. Wash brook Lane, Marquis Drive and tracks around Shobnall and Eginton are major flytipping hotspots.

      Some people just don’t care – even going to a tip is too much


  2. Peter says:

    Why anyone would travel to Burton Upon Trent from this area to dump their rubbish when there are facilities in Aldridge and Bloxwich are free seems unnecessary. Both sites have reduced their opening hours and number of days each week they are open but between the usual household collections and the 2 facilities surely this should still do………
    A big round of applause to the council departments in organising the collection of the rubbish once it had been reported, well done to those involved it sounds as if it went very quickly.
    People who flytip do it because they don’t care, pure and simple….. they don’t care about anyone except themselves…… although sometimes I wonder if they even care about themselves???
    Catching in them in the act would help but my perception is that even when caught red handed the punishment would be disproportionate and much laughter would be heard!
    Scumbags pure and simple….


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