Still looking for the owners of this lost cat…


Come on, someone must recognise this lad! Thanks to Jane Durand for a clearer picture.

I’m rerunning this post about the cat found in Clayhanger I posted last Sunday, as resident Jane Durand has kindly supplied better photos of the cat which may help with identification – if you recognise this chap, please do comment me. Cheers.

Jane Durand and Michelle Brookes have contacted me from Clayhanger today (Sunday 31st May 2015) with something that could well make someone very happy: they believe they’ve found a lost cat in the village.

The cat has been around for a while, and locals are feeding the poor thing, but they feel it needs to go home as it’s owners will be bereft.

The cat is black and white in colour and very timid indeed, so difficult to photograph.

The ladies wrote in their message:

PLEASE HELP! Has anybody lost a black adult cat with white markings on its face?

This poor thing has been around a few weeks now and initially we thought it had a home but now we’re wondering. It’s out all the time, day and night and cries as though it’s lost.

My neighbour and myself has been feeding it but we really need to find their owners (if they have any) so over to you… We are at the bottom of Allerdale Road/Lauderdale Road and the cat seems to be familiar with the land next to us so maybe he/she is from a house/family that backs onto this area?

Any info will be appreciated. Xx

If this is your puss, or you know who it belongs to please comment here, drop me a line by email on BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com, or contact the ladies through the Clayhanger now has a community centre group on Facebook.

Please, if you can help, do. We all know what it’s like to lose a well-loved pet. Thanks.


He looks a nice chap. Someone must love him. Image thanks to Jane Durand.

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  1. Caz says:

    Hi Bob, after seeing this cat close up, it’s not the same one that was hanging around Green Lane, Walsall Wood.That one was long haired and had different face markings, Hope an owner comes is a beautiful cat.
    Best wishes Caz

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