Walsall Wood Councillor Mike Flower to stand down at next election


Mike ‘Burger Boy’ Flower – if he was chocolate, you could eat him. Bless. Image from the website of. Aldridge Brownhills Conservative Association

It’s with some surprise that I noted a post on the long dormant blog of Walsall Wood Councillor Mike Flower yesterday lunchtime, announcing that at the next election, he was to stand down.

I have wondered for a while if Mike was considering stepping aside – the fact that he is will be a sad loss for Walsall Wood. As Conservative, I agreed with very little of Councillor Flower’s politics, but I have always admired his honesty and contribution to the community; he works hard not just for the voters of the ward but also the kids, for whom he was a real champion.

Elected at 22, Mike is a youngster in a field of much older folk, and his presence was refreshing and welcome.

His work to secure the Oak Park Leisure Centre replacement was appreciated, and greeted here initially with disbelief; but I have to give it to the lad, he fought and secured what will be an excellent facility for Walsall Wood.

On the blog and social media, I often gave Mike hell, but I always respected his principled stand and commitment to his beliefs. He  took my ribbings and criticism with good spirit, and even helped to get a bit of long lost Walsall Wood back on the map.

There are many Councillors in Walsall who could learn a thing or two from the example set by Mike Flower. I don’t say that lightly, particularly as politically we’re polar opposites.

I wish Mike and his family all the best, and may he be successful in whatever he moves on to next – and maybe we’ll see him again down the road.

To me, the lad will always be Burger Boy…

Mike posted the following on his blog:

Mike Flower to take a break at the next election

It has been an honour to represent Aldridge North & Walsall Wood for the past nine years. However, I have decided I will not be standing for re-election in May 2015.

I am now 31. I have a beautiful wife and a handsome baby son who was born in February this year. We had a difficult and life threatening labour and my son spent his first week in intensive care with neonatal sepsis. To say it was a period of hell is an understatement.

I have decided therefore it is time to to take a break, recharge the batteries and enjoy the time with my wife and helping my son to grow up. Life is just too short.

I was selected to stand for the Conservative Party at 22, and elected three times. To be given the chance by both party volunteers and the electorate at such a young age is something I will always deeply appreciate.

Never say never, so maybe one day I’ll decide to stand again. Then again maybe it’ll be time for a new challenge…

I look forward to supporting the new Conservative candidate who will be selected in a little under two weeks and will continue to work hard for you until polling day next May.

Thanks for your support.

Michael & family

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5 Responses to Walsall Wood Councillor Mike Flower to stand down at next election

  1. andyropes7 says:

    best wishes from all at Walsall Wood FC Mike and his colleagues have contiuned to support the football and other events in the community at Oak Park, well done Mike and best wishes to you and the family for the future

  2. stymaster says:

    In the past Mike has been by far the best of the three local councillors, and as you say, despite his political leanings he’s done good work for the area, so i will be sad to see him go in one way, but wish him the best.

  3. Peter says:

    Mike got involved in a local issue of flytipping in Walsall Wood and made quite a bit of effort in getting the problem solved temporarily, good luck in what you do next.

  4. Mike Flower says:

    Thank you. 🙂

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