En Gorge

Today, I had a bit of a treat. I had to drop something off in Telford for work, and then the day was my own. After the deed was done, I explored the central park in Telford – which is actually beautiful, with a great bike shop in the middle. From there, traffic free cycle path all the way to Coalbrookdale, and into the Ironbridge Gorge at Coalport, where again, I picked up a great traffic -free route to the Ironbridge itself. After tea, lunch and great cake, I cycled home.

I came back via Ryton, Abrighton, north of Codsall and onto the canal, and into Wolverhampton Town Centre, following the canal home. 55 miles in total, on a glorious sunny day. Beautiful.

I even managed to climb from Coalport to Brockton – an 80m, very steep climb – in one go without stopping, a feat I haven’t managed since I was 17.

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  1. Andy Dennis says:

    Gear change just before the bend! (Plus no real start at the bottom.)

    • Heh, you remember well. It’s a tough one, that. Not quite as bad as the climes out of the Churnet at Oakamoor or Alton, but hard. Short and very sharp.


      • Andy Dennis says:

        Many a Sunday trip to Ludlow for lunch. Saredon, Pattingham, Bridgnorth (down The Hermitage), Cleedownton, Ludlow, Stokesay, Corve Dale, Much Wenlock, Coalport, Albrighton, Cheslyn Hay.

  2. Trevor Brown says:

    Hi Bob, What lovely photos, I’m envious.

  3. Pedro says:

    Well I certainly recognise the first picture of the Oxley Viaduct, a Grade II Listed Structure. For details see here…


    Here is a closer view…


    The brickwork on this skew arch is magnificent…


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