Stepping out – can you help Chasewater Strollers grow?


Never a dull moment with Chasewater Stollers – doesn’t that wee one bottom left look happy? Image from the group’s Facebook page.

You folks will probably remember that I’m very keen on plugging a parent and toddler walking and social group that takes place weekly at Chasewater – Chasewater Strollers – who meet every Monday morning at 9:30am at the Innovation Centre.

From there, they generally go for a gentle social walk around the park,followed by tea and chat afterwards – parents and grandparents with buggies are welcomed warmly into this gentle, supportive and fun group.

Chasewater Strollers are going from strength to strength, and a couple of days ago they recently made a rather wonderful announcement on their Facebook page:

Great news! Staffordshire Council have given us a community grant.

So from the beginning of October we will be moving to a new start venue for our walk and having a stay and play group afterwards with lots of special activities.

If anyone has any old baby toys for under ones that they don’t need anymore we would make great use of them, also seats like bouncer chairs and bumbos etc.

When I asked if I could help, they replied:

We could definitely do with some baby bouncer chairs – somewhere safe to put the smaller babies when we are having hot drinks. That would be lovely thank you!

If anyone has any they can email chasewaterstrollers at outlook do com and I will arrange collection [Or you can contact the blog and I’ll pass the message on – Bob].

More details about the new group coming soon….

Please folks, help if you can; but if not, and you just want to take your wee one out for a change, do pop along. I’m so huffed for this great group: this is a perfect example of people seeing a need, doing it and supporting each other. Community in a nutshell, right there.

If you can help, either contact the group directly, comment here or mail me: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com.

Longstanding friend of the blog Rose Maria Burnell (mum to top ginger chap Ed) was interested, and she popped along to check it out, writing a wonderful review of the morning, which I include below.

The Chasewater Strollers ameet every Monday at Chasewater Innovation Centre, and tomorrow  (Monday, 22nd September 2014) will meet at 9:30am.

Rose wrote:


A great atmosphere for parents and their kids… image from Chasewater Strollers.

Chasewater Strollers Launch

On Monday 14th April I went along to the launch of the new Chasewater Strollers walking group. We met at the Innovation Centre at 9.30am and set off for a walk around the reservoir at 9.45am.

I have to be honest and tell you that I really wasn’t expecting much from this event, but how delightfully wrong I was! It’s a beautiful thing in life where the effort and thoughtfulness of someone is met with the response from the community that it deserves. This is exactly what happened on Monday. Esther Allen who formed this group is passionate about creating something positive both for the parents in the local area and for Chasewater. She has thought very carefully about the whole venture, completing risk assessments and getting the backing of local councillors, the support of staff at the Innovation Centre and has even secured a grant from Staffordshire Council to help fund it. There was a great turnout with 18 babies and over 20 adults!


‘Hope you’ve got my best side!’ Ed goes for no publicity. Image from Chasewater Strollers.

When we arrived, we were welcomed by Esther’s husband (in his Chasewater Strollers high viz vest!) into a room where there were beautiful displays of colourful balloons, cakes and hot drinks! The walk was very good exercise as well as being a brilliant way to make new friends. We strolled along in the sunshine chatting happily and enjoying the wildlife. It wasn’t just all mums either – there were two dads and a grandmother. Any parent or carer is welcome with a baby in their buggy and there is no charge to join in. Esther had the keys to the gates which were opened wide for us all to go through. This enabled a lady with a double buggy to enjoy the walk, too.

Afterwards we enjoyed cakes, coffee and Esther gave out balloons to all of the babies. Most people stayed for another hour enjoy each other’s company and when we left we each were given the details to a Facebook group where we can keep in touch.


All the fun of Chasewater and the outdoors with a great social atmosphere, too. Image from Chasewater Strollers.

I would highly recommend a walk around Chasewater to anyone and with this new group you have the added bonus of making great new friends, too. Esther’s vision is that they will have a play session after the walk for children to socialise whilst the adults have a chat and refreshments. Chasewater Strollers will be there every Monday at 9.30am. (On Monday bank holiday there will be a slighter later meet of 10am.) Anyone would would like to give it a go would be made to feel very welcome indeed.

Contact details:

Search for Chasewater Strollers on Facebook
Chasewater Innovation centre 01543 370737

Chasewater Country Park is signposted from the A5 near Cannock and Brownhills, just south of the junction with the A452 (Chester Road). The postcode for satnavs is WS8 7NL.

Any questions please send us an email or facebook message. Otherwise just turn up and you will be made very welcome!

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