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Image posted on Facebook by Dave Moore: ‘Collaborative history at it best; Brian Stringer author of the clayhanger Kid books working with public historian Dave Moore to produce an audio version of the two books for people with visual impediments.’. Dave Moore left, Brian Stringer right.

I’ve been contacted by Sandfields Pumping Station champion and local historian Dave Moore, who’s looking for some help with his next project – readers will remember that Dave worked hard with Brownhills activist Brian Stringer to create audio versions of Brian’s ‘Clayhanger Kid’ books, and has also made some remarkable video, too.

David has asked for help with making his next film, based on the Black Country. I’ll let him explain:


I am planning a film about the Black County. I am looking for some interesting locations, canals, steel works, or industry etc that represent the industrial past of the Black County. I need a local guide who could show me some of these locations, and spend a day filming with me.

Do you know, or can you put me in touch with anyone who could help please.

David Moore

Would anyone out there be able to help with this request? I’m sure one or two of you would love to help out with what promises to be a very high quality project indeed.

If you think you can lend a hand, please comment here or contact me by emailing BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com, and I’ll pass your message on.

If you want to see just how good Dave’s work is, you could do worse than investigate the latest post on his blog, which is a real eye-opener.

Untitled 8

An incredible story, of an everyday person – a wonderful interview by Dave Moore. Click on the screenshot to check the post out over on Dave’s blog.

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