Enemy at the gates

XKCD gets it. But it’s OK to be wrong, the debate is always welcome here.

Just a heads up. This is bothering me.

Yet again, in another place, I have come into contact with people calling themselves ‘historians’ who only want feedback and facts that augment their particular view of local history.

If you find yourself partaking in a site where comment is limited to the pre-approved, and folk are arbitrarily banned for no good reason, think about what’s happening. We all own our local history, and it is beholden on those who wish to record and document it, like me – that we take into account all views, all sides and discuss stuff openly.

The most important part of local history is the conversation. Beware those who would edit it to suit their own ends or worldview; beware also of those who act as gatekeepers, filters, facilitators or mystics. History belongs to no one person, it belongs to to us all.

I am happy here to be proven wrong, debated with and  challenged. That’s what this site is for. The only comment here that will ever be moderated is that which is gratuitously abusive, offensive or illegal. It’s not for me to censor public discussion of our shared commonwealth.

One of the reasons that some folk who formerly held the floor unchallenged are getting so uptight these days is we the amateurs are now able to challenge what is said, written and asserted by ‘trusted’ sources. And they don’t like it up ’em.

Folks like Distinctly Black Country, Dave MooreBrumpic, Lichfield Lore, Wyrleyblog, Staffordshirebred, Mick Stackhouse and so many others are doing a fine job. Keep it up and beware of those who would limit discourse.

This has been a public service announcement. Back to your scheduled program.


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  • Edwina.

    Well done to you Bob … Your blog is second to none and as you say always open for discussion … long may you reign I say …

    • Ann Cross

      Totally agree

  • A Public Service Announcement from the War Room.

  • Well said Bob; history is not an island for the elite, its a bridge to the past for all who hold an open mind.

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