Have you lost a bird?


Is your canary missing? Image from the Huffington Post.

An unusual parish notice reaches me from reader and long time friend of the blog Caz – it seems that the colourful birdlife of Walsall Wood is no longer restricted to yaffles, goldfinches, bullfinches and robins – it now extends to canaries, too.

Seriously, Caz has found a canary in her garden, and has it safe. Have you, or someone you know, lost one?

Caz wrote:

Hi Bob,

Sorry to bother you, but wondered if you could help me out, by asking your readers if they, or anyone they know has lost a canary?

I found one in my garden this morning, which is in the Green Lane area of Walsall Wood.

I haven’t got a clue what to do with it!

I had no trouble walking up to it and picking it up so it’s obviously used to being handled. I would love to see it reunited with it’s rightful owner or if not, is there anyone out there who keeps pet birds who could offer it a loving home?

I’ve got it in a large box in my neighbours garage at the moment, so not the ideal place for any bird, but at least its safe there for the time being.

I realise how busy you are so if you haven’t got the time then don’t worry.

Best wishes
Caz x

Come on then folks – share this and see if we can reunite Tweety-Pie with their owner. Applications from cats with a taste for the exotic will be disregarded. In all seriousness, though, some soul must be really missing their pet.

Comment here, please or mail me on BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Cheers!

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8 Responses to Have you lost a bird?

  1. mickeysutube says:

    Looks like the owner has been found. Andy Tuco Harrison just claimed the canary on Brownhills Past and Present Facebook page. Just simply amazing that it was possible to reunite those two. 🙂

  2. David Evans says:

    Well done Caz! and thanks to all concerned……..
    Reminds me of a song…..!

  3. caz says:

    Big thank you to Bob for your help. What would we do without your blog.The canary i have is actually a light cream coloured bird with a hint of yellow on the wing, but there is actually a second canary lost from the Heath Hayes area and this is a yellow one so i hope if someone has found this one it can be reunited with its owner as she was so happy , but then disappointed to find out it’s not hers. Thanks a lot Caz

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  5. Jenny tidman says:

    I have lost a canary today 9,10,15 Pelsall area

  6. Emma Parsons says:

    I have found a canary in my garden 12/1/16. He/she has a leg ring..Noone has come forward who knows anything about him. I am awaiting the IOA to trace the leg ring number, can you ask around??

  7. Jenny tidman says:

    Just saw this post I lost a canary last year pelsall

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