Burglary in Shire Oak – be on your guard

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House burglary in Shire Oak – be on your guard, folks. Image from Bing! Maps.

The ever useful Shire Oak group on Facebook has warned again of an unpleasant and worrying house burglary in Shire Oak – I can’t help thinking these incidents seem to be on the rise of late. Faye Ford Dobson posted the following at noon yesterday (Saturday, 22nd February 2014):

My Dad was broken into last night between 6pm and 1am on Simmonds Way , Shire Oak. They went in through the back and used a screwdriver to jemmy the door open. They were disturbed and luckily didn’t get away with much. Make sure your back gate is secure, put all your garden tools away and be vigilant. Lets get these scumbags !

As Faye says, lock up your house properly, don’t leave valuables on display or keys where they can easily be taken. Make sure and side or rear access to your garden is secure. Don’t leave ladders or garden tools lying around where they could be used by burglars. It’s sad that we have to be like this, but it pays to be that little bit more careful.

I’ve also been contacted about cold callers and possible distraction burglary attempts in the town. Please don’t buy at the door, and if people call and claim to be officials of any kind that appear unannounced, don’t be scared to close the door and check with whoever they claim to be from. Where possible, set up passwords as many utility companies allow. If in doubt, shut the door and call the police on 101.

Please share this with any elderly or vulnerable relatives, friends or neighbours.

Walsall Council also have a current warning about scammers operating locally, too:

Walsall Council PR 5939 09/02/2011 [For Immediate Release]

Tax rebate scam warning issued

Walsall Council trading standards officers have warned people to be on their guard after a resident was called by a bogus tax inspector.

The caller was told he was from the ‘British Council tax office’ and offered a rebate in return for bank details.

The caller refused to pass on the details and contacted trading standards officers.

Councillor Zahid Ali, Walsall Council cabinert member for communities and partnerships, said: ‘This is a con trick which we deplore in the strongest possible terms.

‘If people call and ask for bank details over the phone no matter how plausible they sound don’t pass them over.

‘Our trading standards team are warning people to be on their guard but also to let us know if and when there are incidents so we can build up a picture.’

People have been urged to call 01922 650000 to report any incidents.

This all comes against the background of other recent burglaries. Brownhills is generally a low-crime area, and this current grim patch seems to be unusual. I have contacted Walsall Police for a statement, which I’ll share if one is available.

The criminals involved are more than likely doing it to raise cash from the proceeds of selling what they steal. If you know of anyone hawking around stuff that seems to be dubious, please grub them into the police – the stuff they’re flogging is probably nicked.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Walsall Police by dialling 101 or speak to Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Please, lets see if we can nail these thieving buggers.

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