That rings a bell…

That there young David Evans has been very busy – not content to loaf around convalescing like any normal person after his recent operation, he’s been preparing some new local history projects, and updating others.

I really don’t know what we’d do without him, my gratitude is immense.

One of the subjects David is working on right now is the history of the Stonnall Handbell Ringers. This highly regarded and prize-winning group of tintabulists is a surprising bit of local history we’ve touched on before, a while ago.

In the process of David’s research, he’s found some early 1970s black and white photos of Stonnall, which are rather engaging. David hasn’t said who they were sourced from, but they are rather interesting.

Thanks to David and his mystery donor, and stay tuned – plenty of great material coming up from the bionic, rebuilt Mr. Evans in due course…

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2 Responses to That rings a bell…

  1. David Oakley says:

    Nice pictures of 1970’s Stonnall, David. Not much seemed to have changed down there since the 1940’s, when I used to go ‘tater-picking for local farmers. I was interested in the 1st photo, right hand side in which the pictured cottage resembled the first cottage in the village, as I remember it. The cottage was occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Hale who had quite a little family. Mrs Hale was a tiny person with a large, heavy 1930’s pram, usually inhabited by two children, with perhaps two more tiny tots holding the pram handles. Every fine Sunday evening she would make the journey to Salters Road to visit her bedridden mom, braving that steep climb up Castle Hill from the Chester Road to the old fort, before the road levelled out. Family ties were very important in those days.

  2. Dave (Eddy) Edwards says:

    Thanks David, I found Gordon Mycocks ” Memories of Old Stonnall” through this little piece,
    looking forward to your updates.

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