A day without rain

I spotted this wee bunny at Croxall. Suspected he might have myxie, but he seems healthy - probably just enjoying the sun!

I spotted this wee bunny at Croxall. Suspected he might have myxie, but he seems healthy – probably just enjoying the sun!

Today, spring showed her hand a little – just a little – the sun came out, and so did I. A little  quick maintenance to show the bike some love, then I loaded up the saddlebag and headed off to the floodplains of the Tame to see how they were bearing up under the exceptionally wet weather.

The warm sunlight on my back soon had me peeling off the scarf and jacket – and the joy of fingerless gloves for the first time in ages. Out via a very wet Stonnall, Footherley, Canwell, Hints, Hopwas, Hadmore and Elford. From here, up to Harlaston, Edingale, Croxall, Whitemore Haye and returning via Lichfield.

I was amazed to see that although the Black Brook and Tame were swollen, they weren’t anywhere near in flood; it just goes to show that although in the Midlands we’ve had lots of rain, unlike 2007 it’s been spaced out, giving the rivers time to drain it away. It’s worth noting that the water swamping Hints Ford is bulked up by the overspill from Chasewater, flowing via the Crane and Bourne brooks.

It was a slow paced 48 miler, and I felt tubby and out of condition. It was, however, just what I needed – fresh air, a ride that was actually a joy. Lots of other folk were out on bikes, motorbikes, horses – or just walking dogs. Today, everyone seemed to reawaken.

I know we’re not out of the woods. After all, remember the snows of last March – starting on the 21st, snow was still on the ground well into April – but today looked a lot like spring. A break from the relentless wind, and above all, a day without rain.

For more of this tomfoolery, the 365daysofbiking journal is still running

This one’s for Trev in Australia. Hope you’re feeling better, chap. Thinking of you.

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3 Responses to A day without rain

  1. trevor says:

    Thank Bob and thanks to everyone for the kind wishes, I’m still good, they can’t knock a Walsall Wood pommy down that quick, What beautiful photo’s I wish I was over there for Spring.
    Cheers Hovis.

  2. mickysix says:

    Glad your okay trevor, Happy to see that your still a pommy.
    Nice pics Bob, reminder of birds and bees and a young mans fancy, (no thats enough of that)

  3. David Evans says:

    Hi Trev
    If you do come., bring your flippers, kid ..oh, and your cricket bat.

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