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7th issue January-February 2014 1

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7th issue January-February 2014

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Bonita Clayton from Brownhills Community Association has been in touch to let me have a copy of their current newsletter, asking me if I’d share it on the blog for readers to peruse – of course, that’s no problem at all.

The Community Association are based at Brownhills Activities Centre, just by the Miner Island in central Brownhills.

The Activity Centre is what my generation would know as ‘The Annexe’ – the old Central Boy’s School, now a bustling community resource. To find out more about the events and activities listed, you can pop in or call them on 01543 452119.

Bonita and her fellow community organisers have lots of stuff going on, and loads of great facilities, right in the heart of Brownhills. I love what they’re about and all the great things they’re doing.

My best wishes to Bonita and the gang, and please do pop along and check them out. Alternatively, print out a few of these flyers and put them up on your nearest noticeboard.

If you have anything you want publicising, please send me details and I’ll get the word out. BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Cheers!

7th issue January-February 2014 1

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7th issue January-February 2014

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