Doing the Locomotion


It’s certainly an unusual beast – at least to my untrained eye. Can you help identify this loco for Chaz Mason?

Back last weekend, local wildlife expert, ecologist and local historian Chaz Mason got in touch, asking for help with a picture of an old steam locomotive that he’s got hold of. He wasn’t sure about the origins of the engine, but thought it was something unusual. I asked readers for help, and true to form, local transport historian and enthusiast John Daft – Chasewaterstuff – stepped up with some wonderful stuff.

Firstly, friend of the blog Alex @LongdonSaddler is a wee bit of a rail buff, and first of all pointed out:

I don’t have anything specific about No 36, but has more information about the class. 4 of the SR 14 survive in UK plus 2 from abroad, which project 62 own. None of the NCB locos appear to survive.

Then John commented yesterday:

The loco was one of three sold to the Hartley Main Colliery, NCB in 1947. Scrapped in 1953. Chasewater Railway Museum curator, Barry Bull, found the information (he does like to delve!) and there may be further details tomorrow.

All the best – John (CWS)

As if that were not enough, today John has compiled a whole blog post about these unusual locomotives and their history. You guys just stun me every time.

I’d like to thank both Alex and John for their contributions. It really does seem that we can find information on even the most unusual topic amongst the readership. Best wishes to you all.

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Brilliantly informative blog post from Chasewaterstuff. Click on the screenshot to read the post at his blog.

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