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The old Focus DIY store on Northgate, just between Aldridge and Walsall Wood continues to be a magnet for flytipping, vandalism and other antisocial behaviour. The site has been vacant since the closure of the DIY chain a couple of years ago, and has subsequently just been left to rot.

Walsall Council have limited powers to deal with flytipping on privately owned sites, but hopefully, they can draw the site owner’s attention. We mentioned this before back last June, when local historian Clive Roberts sent me some pictures.

This time, Aldridge lad Pòl MacDhòmhnaill has sent some pictures of the site that make very grim viewing indeed. It really is very sad that what was a relatively modern, purpose designed building should befall such an ignominious decline. Despite talk of tenants taking it up, nothing seems to happen here; it would be nice it the building could be re-let.

Note that if you pay someone to remove rubbish – or give scrap to a tatter that ends up flytipped, you are criminally responsible just as the tipper is. Please dispose of rubbish legally and properly. Walsall Council can, will and have prosecuted householders and businesses giving waste to flytippers.

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8 Responses to Out of Focus

  1. Peter says:

    Evening all…….. Sadly a commom sight these days, the owner of the building / land couldn’t care less what it looks like or what state it is in, as it is simply an asset on a balance sheet somewhere.
    I’m not sure I would want my Council Tax spent on cleaning up the site anyway! The responsibility rests solely with the scumbags who tip and the owners.
    There are some very clever people who read this blog……. surely someone can come up with the name of the owners and an address and telephone number. I might give them a ring to discuss…………

    Mind how you go……


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  5. Asa humphreys says:

    Interested in taking over some of the focus building that have closed but can’t find out who owns them? Anyone no??

  6. Asa humphreys says:

    anyone no who owns the building??

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