Chips with that, love?

The girls

What a great photo – image very kindly donated by Andy Wood.

I’ve had an incredible response to the photos I posted yesterday of Taylors Cafe just before demolition, generously sent in by Andy Wood.

Andy sent another picture yesterday, which he’d found in his collection, and had this to say:

Dear Bob

Just found another photo from Taylors cafe.

The People in the picture are Megan, Floss Dickinson, Barry Taylor and June Davies. Sorry don’t know Megan’s Surname. Also Floss and June have both sadly passed away.

Thanks for placing the other photos on your blog its nice to know a tiny little bit of of Brownhills History has been recorded by you for the future generations to see and not lost forever. I live in Pelsall Road nearly opposite to where Taylors cafe was Its funny even now after its been demolished all these years its still a landmark.

I recently phoned a builder told him where I lived and he said where is that in relationship to where Taylors cafe used to be. Funny old thing local history even when its turned to dust its still there really.

All the best and thanks again
Andy Wood

Nigel Griffiths also wrote in:

Hi Bob

Just a quick note to add to your information on Taylor’s cafe

The owner was Barry Taylor and his wife (sorry can’t recall her name) Barry was a very keen motorcyclist in his spare time and a regular member of Walsall Wood Motorcycle club. I lost contact with Barry around 1989. He had a wicked wit and sense of humour and I recall him as an all around top bloke!

Hope this helps to start others memories


This is all wonderful social history, and exactly why I keep the blog. Thanks to both Nigel and Andy for wonderful contributions. I can still taste the bacon…

Have any memories or anything further to add? Please do comment or mail me: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com.

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31 Responses to Chips with that, love?

  1. steve says:

    Megan Davies

    • Nigel Norgrove says:

      Still see meg about around brownhills we used to spend our dinner breaks in Taylor’s cafe my older brothers owned brownhills motor spares ,( pie chip lunch the best )

  2. rob says:

    did Floss also work in Taylors cake shop in the Ravens Court before the café?

  3. Brian says:

    megan jackaman and still lives across the road

  4. Floss worked in Wimbush’s bakery/cake shop. i was her Saturday girl for a couple of years. We always kept in touch via Christmas and birthday cards. I called to see her last summer….the first time we’d seen each other in 32 years. Sadly she dies a couple of months later….a lovely lady.

  5. Clive says:

    Barry was a member of the Lichfield and District Motorcycle Club, which at one time was held at Walsall Wood Football Club, I was also a member of the Motorcycle Club, and remember Barry very well, nice chap.

  6. Alison Teece says:

    Rest in peace June Davies so many happy memories of you telling me off/ guiding me Brian Allen x

  7. There was a shop on the corner of the cafe at first. We used to go there for our sweets and chewing gum with picture cards of the early Beatles, I still have them. Further up the road on the opposite side was a shop called Prior’s, another good sweet shop.It’s been turned back into a house now, in the row of old houses there. Lovely memories.

  8. Lynn bunce says:

    Megan Jackaman was my mom and worked at the cafe for over 20 years up till it closed in 2003

    • Pam Smith says:

      I was wondering if your Mum is still around and does she know anything about Charlie Harrison . He was Lillian Taylors brother, she original started the cafe I think. I am trying to trace Charlie for my mother

    • steven blackmore says:

      tell your mom steve still loves her

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  10. clive poole says:

    clive poole iv been gonig in taylos for about 25 yr hi playd on pin balls and thear harf and harf was the best staff was good good old joe wife

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  12. Amy Taylor says:

    Barry Taylor and Jean Taylor (his wife) are my Nana and Grandad.
    I, Amy Taylor used to live above the cafe and was often seen toddling about at a young age. I’ll be showing my Grandad this next time I go and see him, we often speak about the cafe and he always brings out the photos. So i may even have some photographs to add. 🙂
    Thank you for helping me re-live my childhood with some of these photos

  13. Amy Taylor says:

    My Grandad is Barry Taylor.
    I, Amy Taylor, Richard Taylor’s daughter was often seen toddling around the cafe. I will be showing my nana (Jean Taylor) and grandad these posts when I next see them.
    They’re all lovely and have helped me re-live part of my childhood.

  14. shaun curnock says:

    best sausage sandwich in the midlands

  15. john raybould says:

    Not forgetting Joe whos name was endearingly, how thecafe was affectionatly known

  16. Peter Schnabel says:

    I Remember Taylor’s cafe when it was on the Chester rd next to the school .one of the women was named Marg .

  17. John Cartwright says:

    Yes I remember Taylor’s on the Chester Rd we would go in there at dinner time from school and have chip butties with brown sauce nothing like them.
    I bought a house on pelsall rd no 69a built by Tommy Smith in October 1977 and when we were moving in I used to go and get 2half and half off Barry for me and my wife and take the plates licked clean.

  18. jill Fellows says:

    Happy memories, i remember buying loose butter from the shop in the ’60s. I went to school with Robert Taylor, Joe’s younger son!

    • Steve Stackhouse says:

      Yes I remember the cafe and everything else with great memories . I recall well Joe and his wife but more vividly Barry and Rob their two sons . Sadly Rob passed away around 6 years ago ,he was only 55 years of age and very much missed . God bless

  19. steven blackmore says:

    well done bob ill keep the photo

  20. Adam jackaman says:

    My nan megan jackaman in the blue on the left had side….my dad karl jackaman would often take us to have a butty from the cafe while my nan was working, what a great bunch of people that worked there. Sadly missed

  21. geoff houghton says:

    Geoff Houghton.

    Have some very nice memories of this cafe when i was a driver for Triplex and Pilkingtons Glass always good food.
    Remember Barry and his father Joe well they where always easy to got on with as well as the rest of the staff .
    I remember a lady named ANNE who worked there but i think she left and went live in Spain .

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