Faith in the future


The old Wessex Close maisonettes were demolished in 2008. Image from the wonderful [Howmuch?] on Panoramio.

I’ve been meaning to cover a couple of local planning applications submitted by Walsall Housing Group to Walsall Council for a while. Sadly, the ever increasing volume of stuff to go up here has made this difficult, but I really should bring this to residents attention.

There have been two applications made so far, and a third is listed as a ‘Key Development’ on Walsall Council’s Brownhills strategy page on their website.

The two definite applications are as follows:

The third is listed on the Walsall Council Website as ‘Former Bailey House, Lindon Close / Rear of Silver Court Shops’ – but there are no details yet. That one could be big, and I’m very interested in it; such a development could be fantastic. Brownhills has long needed a replacement for Silver Court Gardens, and I hope the relevant bodies seize the opportunity.

I’ll be straight up here: I can’t see a problem with either of the two developments applied for. Since the demolition of social housing that previously occupied Wessex Close, as well as most of the other such housing of the postwar period in the area, we’ve been desperately short of affordable rented accommodation. I cannot see a valid objection to replacing this in the case of the former Wessex Close, and in the case of Short Street, it brings an empty, derelict site back to life.

I do, of course, welcome opinion on this, but as far as I can see, Brownhills will benefit from these developments if approved – they will bring some construction work to the town, and potential business, too.

My only reservation is that the Wessex Close plan looks a bit bland, and nowhere near as stunning as the recent development at Anchor Bridge.

I include images of both plans below for reader perusal, and include links to relevant planning documents at Walsall Planning Interactive.

The Wessex Close development is as follows:


The planned apartment block for Wessex Close. Please click for a larger version – image from documents supplied with the planning application.

The Short Street/Church Street development is as follows:


The Short Street plan is far more traditional in nature, and should fit well into the local neighbourhood. Please click for a larger version. Image from planning documents.

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4 Responses to Faith in the future

  1. wozelbeak says:

    I for one hope they get cracking soon. Bring some life back to this old town.

  2. Tom Brown says:

    Soon after the flats were built the then Brownhills Council admitted that the development was a disaster both for the tenants and the town as they were the slums of the future. How right they were.
    When Knaves Court was proposed it was pointed out that there was insufficient parking but this was ignored by the planners. They now just park in Lindon Drive, as do people visiting the new homes opposite in The High street.
    What is needed is proper houses with gardens and parking. We already have large areas of parked cars obstructing the roads and the footpaths that need to be sorted out.
    Lets make Brownhills a place people want to live, not a place to be dumped.
    But no doubt we will get the dirty end of the stick again.


    Big Tom

  3. Caz says:

    The original maisonettes in Wessex close were really nice inside but impractical with young children. My sister lived at the top and it was a struggle carrying a baby and basket of washing down several flights of stairs, with a toddler in tow to boot, just to get to the washing lines.
    By the way Bob….the planning application is in for the land opposite the Blackcock pub, for the demolition of the old Pub you talked about and the building of 10 detatched houses. the application number is 13/0772/FL if you’re interested in seeing it. Best wishes Caz

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