Pelsall Canal Festival – on all this weekend!

Pelsall Rally A5 Flyer

Why not download and print out a few flyers for friends and workmates?

Good friend of the blog Brenda Ward has been in touch to let me know that Pelsall Canal Festival takes today and tomorrow, the 15th & 16th June 2013. This is a cracker of an event, and takes place biannually. I attended the last one in 2011, and despite some indifferent, blustery weather it was a great occasion that was well organised with plenty of great attractions for all the family.

Next weekend is Brownhills Canal Festival, which this year is also a weekend-long event, and more details on that coming soon.

If you recognise the photo in the flier, it’s mine. Brenda kindly asked permission, and I’m honoured that they liked the image…

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