One and a half centuries


Chase Wakes in years past. Image from the Old Burntwood Tumblr, original source unknown.

Here’s a film I’ve been keeping an eye out for for a while, and it was finally uploaded to YouTube last week by David Harper, for which I’m very grateful.

This is, I believe, the film shown in a loop at St. Anne’s Church in Caasetown early in the year, and I’m afraid I don’t have much information on it’s composition, or who worked on it.

I have a feeling that social wonder Steve Lightfoot may know a fair bit – if you’re passing, please share the knowledge old chap.

If any of the authors or those involved are passing, please do comment with details so I can tell the full story and give everyone the credit they deserve for a wonderful, warm and beautiful film that’s very well made indeed.

My thanks t0 the irrepressible Wendy Jones for drawing this to my attention via her excellent and respectful Burntwood Chase Heritage Group on Facebook.

If you have anything to add, please do: either on this post, or mail me…  BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com.

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4 Responses to One and a half centuries

  1. What a great piece of work. Well done to all involved, You deserve a loud cheer

  2. Pedro says:

    Would this be the film…

    “Finally, Peter Walker, celebrated artist will be showing off his new artwork for a film made possible by local people sharing their memories of Wakes of the Past, to celebrate 150 years since the first Wakes.

  3. David Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    this is a very interesting work and congratulations are in order. I wonder where the word Wakes comes from..and if other local commiunities held them
    many thanks for posting this remarkable aural and visual record
    kind regards

  4. Hi Bob, thanks for sharing. The film was commissioned by Burntwood Town Council and produced by Peter Walker, as part of Burntwood Wakes Festival 2015 (#BWF15). It was put together after loads of local people shared photos and memories of the old Wakes throughout the years. When we were planning BWF, research showed that nostalgia was going to be a strong theme, so commissioning Peter Walker (the artist behind SCAMP miner’s memorial at Sankey’s Corner) fitted in nicely I love the film. There is some real depth to it. It was shown on three occasions during the Festival, first at St Ann’s to reflect the 150 years since the Chase Wakes, at the Library during the push kart races, and then at Burntwood Leisure Centre to reflect what is to many the home of the festival, the “Baths”.

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