The comeback kid


Out now – and selling fast. Grab yourself a copy while you can.

I see that there Brian Stringer has a new book out. Brian is a local lad and longtime resident of the area, who’s well known to locals, both for his community work and interest in local history. Brian has made some great contributions to this blog, too.

Back in January, 2011, Brian published his first book ‘The Clayhanger Kid’ which told the story of his childhood in the local village. It sold out quickly, and was a considerable hit, which led to a second print run.

The Clayhanger Kid was warm, engaging, well written and funny, and I still get enquiries for copies two years later.

Brian hasn’t been idle in the meantime, and has now written a followup, ‘The Clayhanger Kid II’ which is now available from Downes Newsagents in Brownhills High Street, and the Chasewater Railway Shop. It’s priced at a pocket-pleasing £6. I’ve yet to get my copy, but when I do, I’ll review it here.

There will be a ‘Meet the author’ event at Brownhills Library in the Parkview Centre on Saturday, 8th june 2013 from 10:00am-3:00pm which I’ll advertise closer to the time. There you can meet Brian, shoot the breeze and get him to sign your copy.

Brian had this to say about his book:

The Clayhanger Kid II is a follow up of the first, but the first 40 pages are given to other locals who wanted to relate some of their tales of the 50s 40s and even 20s and 30s. After that I carry on in the same style as my last book, covering my teenage years and early twenties. Dancin’, boozing, wenchin and drivin’ all feature, as the austere years are thrown off.

The book is £6, available at Downes in the High Street, Brownhills, but if you want a signed copy I will be doing a signing in Brownhills Library on the 8th June 10am -3pm .

Congratulations to Brian, and I wish him all the best. I really enjoyed the firs book and have no doubt this one will be even better.


Brian’s a lovely bloke, so why not meet the chap and have a chat about old times?

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23 Responses to The comeback kid

  1. PorkTorta says:

    Wonder why none of these great works – Brian’s Clayhanger Kid series, the many local history books on short print runs, or out of print, make it to Kindle or IBook format? Hell, a PDF would even suffice. I know that have somewhere between Bob Hope and No Hope of getting a copy of these books, yet would gladly pay to read them. In this day and age, anything produced in print over the last decade should be EASILY converted to any of these electronic formats. I should know, I often do it as part of my job.

    What I’m trying to say is….that not all of us that love the Northern Wastes still live in the area, and on our fleeting return trips often find these great books to be sold out. Writers would find their overheads slashed with no print or shipping costs, and even with a lower sale price, profit margins would be more lucrative.

    Just a thought.

    That being said, I intend to urge Dad to pop into Downes and pick this up, and a copy of the Shire Oak book too if possible.

    Good luck, Brian!

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  4. brian stringer says:

    pork torta. Take your point and would love to get my latest effort on Kindle but haven’t a clue how to go about it. Computer illiterate I’m afraid, but have had extra copies of book printed this time, so won’t run out. I intend to rope younger family members in later in order to shift the latest batch.

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  6. Dave Watts says:

    As a clanga lad would love to read these books, is first one still available, if so where?

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  16. Lisa golby says:

    Hi how do I apply for a stall on your canalside festival
    Regards Lisa

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  22. Graham Smith says:

    is this the same Brian Stringer who used to be a plumber in Walsall and lived in Little Bloxwich?

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